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Noise Watch is monitoring community concerns about noise pollution in San Francisco and supporting more efficient and accountable city response.

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  • 1349 Hampshire St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission
    The men living at this house are dealing drugs at all hours of the day and night. A large gang of kids and young adults often hangs around in front of the the property smoking pot, making noise, and intimidating passersby and neighbors.
  • 14-16 Lucky St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission
    Occupant on Lucky Street runs an illegal business out of his garage -- recycling bottles and cans. Makes an incredible amount of noise, night and day.
  • 500 Terry Francois Blvd. San Francisco, CA - Mission Bay
    Nine--yes nine--outdoor speakers have been installed on the fourth floor terrace of this building (roof of the third floor) within the past couple of months or so. Yesterday the tenants had an event on the terrace and had all speakers blaring LOUD music most of the afternoon and into the evening. The speakers are faced directly at two residential buildings, the Radiance and the Madrone. I am guessing these were done without a permit (I can't imagine any agency allowing this). They need to come down immediately.
  • Market St & 3rd St San Francisco, CA - Financial District

    Traffic calming & ticketing needed. Repeated traffic violations at downtown intersections, stoplight after stoplight, result in traffic jams, gridlock, and incessant traffic noise due to honking: obstructing an intersection, illegal turns, etc. New York City has resolved this with "Don't Block The Box Campaign"--clearly striping intersections, and heavily fining those who flout the law, resulting in jams that disrupt traffic flow for all. Video cameras can auto-ticket offenders. Post signs to warn drivers that violations will be enforced. **Don't proceed into an intersection unless you can pass completely through.**

    This happens on a daily/hourly/minute-by-minute basis during rush hours at downtown SF intersections along Kearny, Montgomery, Sansome, 2nd St, New Montgomery, Market, etc. Balancing the city budget with ticketing here could be easier than shooting fish in a barrel.

    --In this photo, traffic predictably blocks Kearny/3rd Street crossing Market St through a red light; note the driver making the illegal left (on a red light) across Market onto 3rd Street as well.

  • 180 States St San Francisco, CA 94114 - Castro-Upper Market
    States Street is one of the longest streets in San Francisco. At is midpoint it has a crosswalk that serves the Playground and access to the Randall Museum. Cars speed up and down States street as they use it as a shortcut between the Castro and the Haight. The crosswalk is at a blind corner and drivers can not see pedestrians waiting to cross. There were speed bumps in the 1960s but they were removed because of the noise. More modern speed humps or other traffic calming needs to be considered before a pedestrian is hit.
  • 599 S Van Ness Ave San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission
    Gas & Stop has installed loudspeakers on the outside of their building. They use them frequently, and they are very loud, disturbing the neighborhood.
  • Noise Issue Archived
    Parking Lot at Natoma and Mary street hosts live music. This is the 4th week of live events running past midnight in an outdoor spot.
  • 2929 19th St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission
    Zambaleta Music School holds events—usually in the afternoons and evenings—which are very loud. The noise shakes the windows in our apartment building. We can't sleep or think in our own home when these events are going on.
  • 2327 Mission Street San Francisco, CA - Mission

    Part of the HVAC system for Cha Cha Cha @ 2327 Mission street is damaged, see picture.

    As a result, there is a tremendous racket all night due to some malfunctioning equipment. Last night I was awakened at 3:30am by the rattling noise, and used a sound meter app on my phone to measure the sound at 81dB, more than three buildings away.

    The manager of Cha Cha Cha (name: Vegas) has been alerted, as of 10:05pm on Monday October 21, but there has been no progress on the issue and I'm unsure who manages this property.

    I am fearful that this malfunctioning equipment poses a fire hazard, in addition to the clear noise violation.

  • 279 Hearst Ave San Francisco, CA - Outer Mission
    Live Band.
  • Noise Issue Acknowledged
    14th St San Francisco CA 94114, United States - Castro-Upper Market
    Loud and constant machinery/motor noise coming out of the muni tunnel for the last few weeks. It stopped for 3 days and now it's back, starting a 6am and running all day every day
  • 1700 Montgomery St. San Francisco, CA - North Beach
    From 3am to 6am the construction company working at 1700 Montgomery is consistently receiving construction supplies (drywall) on large flat bed hydraulic trucks and using noisy equipment to remove and position those supplies, disturbing the sleep of the 1000 residents in the neighborhood.