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City of Hendersonville Public Works

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  • Walton Ferry Peninsula Hendersonville, TN - Hendersonville
    Is it possible to install sidewalks on both Walton Ferry and Sanders Ferry as there is much pedestrian traffic with no safe place to walk.
  • 325 E. Main Hendersonville, TN - Hendersonville
    Why was there no snow removal by Hendersonville streets department this past weekend?
  • Walton Ferry Road Hendersonville, TN - Hendersonville
    There are sidewalks and crosswalk lines on Main Street off of Walton Ferry Road, but for such an unusually-shaped intersection, there is no safe time for pedestrians and runners to cross Walton Ferry. Please install an electronic pedestrian crossing "sign" on the lightpole that would tell pedestrians when it is safe to cross the street. It would be great if the same thing could be done at Main St. and Saunders Ferry Rd. as well. I like to run along Main St. but fear crossing the street at those intersections! Thanks!
  • Rough Roads Archived
    Mansker Farms Blvd Hendersonville, TN - Hendersonville
    The roads in this neighborhood have not been paved properly. This causes hazards such as raised manholes in the middle of the street, potholes, etc. Please pave the roads in Mansker Farms!!
  • Needs Paving! Archived
    Waterview & La View Rd Hendersonville, TN - Hendersonville
    This subdivision has been back here for 26 years and these streets have never been paved. They continue to throw asphalt at the potholes and nothing more. There are valleys in the road and grass growing from them. This used to be a nice neighborhood and we pay very high taxes in Hendersonville.
  • Free Hill Rd Hendersonville, TN - Hendersonville
    Light is not smart enough to sense when a car on Free Hill stops at Main Street and makes turn. It does not sense that the car is no longer there but will change Main Street to red anyway. This light need to be updated or should be left on blink until 6:00am.
  • Street Light Archived
    102 Fortune Drive Hendersonville, Tennessee - Hendersonville
    There is a street light out between 102 & 103 Fortune Drive
  • Water ponding Archived
    1298 Johnny Cash Pkwy Hendersonville, TN 37075, USA - Hendersonville
    Now that we have the new "upscale" entrance to the city, when it rains water ponds on the road next to the new curb in the westbound lanes because there is no where for it to go. just a matter of time till somebody hydroplanes into the new light poles.
  • 105 Paxton Ct Hendersonville - Hendersonville

    Please, could someone drive up Walton Ferry Rd at night? We have to turn left onto Paradise Dr, there is a street light there, but it really is useless. It is so hard to see the turn unless you watch for it carefully. I would so appreciate it.

    Thanks, Lorraine Smart

  • Corner Of Stop Thirty And Drakes Creek/Indian Lake Blvd Hendersonville, TN - Hendersonville
    The city's light at this intersection has been inoperative for 5-7 days. This is a critical intersection especially due to the by-pass construction. Please give this a priorty One right after Christmas!
  • 172 Bradford Circle Hendersonville/Sumner, TN - Hendersonville
    Bradford Shade Subdivision is very dark and dangerous. I have contacted the Homeowners Association, NES and Public Works. Everyone is just passing the buck. There are many children in this subdivision and they play in the streets after dark. There have also been assualts in the neighborhood. Can you help?
  • 111 Pebble Creek Dr Hendersonville, TN - Hendersonville
    The street is very dark at night children and pets live in area much needed lights for safety reasons