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  • Pedestrian crossing Acknowledged
    1 Main Street Essex Junction, VT - Essex Junction
    The five corners lights need to be reprogramed to be pedestrian accommodating. Currently a pedestrian presses the crosswalk button and waits, like a vehicle, for the lights to make the cycle around the five corners then all five lights allow the walker to go but just long enough to get across one section. It seems to be a deterrent to walking downtown. I would think the lights could be reprogrammed to accommodate walkers and still allow steady traffic flow.
  • Pearl Street Essex Junction, VT - Essex Junction
    There is a section of Pearl Street that has a bike lane, it is well marked and delineates the space for bike-only use. This lane stops abruptly and doesn't continue in either direction for biker's safe travel. This lane should start at the five corners and continue to the bike lane on Fort Ethan Allen. It is confusing and half-considered to only have it for a small section of the main drag of town, cars and bikers alike are confused by it.
  • Franklin Street And Park Street Essex Junction, VT - Essex Junction

    Franklin Street has exploded in growth and this intersection is challenging as well as dangerous.
    Franklin Street does not line up with Iroquois. The street light holds on Franklin while it turns green for Iroquois. There is constant confusion as drivers on Iroquois become frustrated with those on Franklin, thinking they are waiting and not going (the light is not yet green.)

    Making a left onto Franklin is challenging as drivers turning left onto Iroquois, coming from the opposite direction, cannot safely do so because cars illegally cut around the car heading left onto Iroquois.

    As my teenage boys have begun driving, there is no safe way to explain to them how to make these choices.

    Also, all of Franklin Street and internal other roads use the Park Place Bar entrance as an exit, thus creating more danger.

  • North Street & Central Street Essex Junction, VT - Essex Junction
    At North & Central. Motorists cannot see cyclists coming down Central, and cyclists can't see motorists coming up North without cyclists putting themselves almost into the intersection. Vegetation on private property at the corner needs to be trimmed back for safety of our children!
  • 181 Pearl Street (Pearl Street Park) Essex Junction, VT - Essex Junction
    The snow has melted in Pearl Street Park, but unfortunately litter remains. This trash was hidden under the snow, but it has been here for over a year and has been an eyesore on my daily walks. It trails down the hillside and now there is a large purple contraption floating in the pond. Please help!
  • Bike lane Acknowledged
    221 Pearl Street Essex Junction, VT - Essex Junction
    There are nice bike lanes on both sides of Pearl St. until you get to the West St. intersection then there are no lanes and it becomes very dangerous for bikers.
  • Intersection Of Aspen Dr. And Beech St (At South End Of Aspen) Essex Junction, Vermont - Essex Junction
    There needs to be a stop sign on Aspen Dr. at its southern intersection with Beech St, as there is at most (or maybe all) of the other intersections in the Countryside neighborhood. (There is a stop sign at the northern end of Aspen.) Cars pulling onto Beech St from Aspen have a limited line of sight up the hill around the curve of Beech St, creating a very unsafe situation as they go through the intersection without having to stop. While traveling west on Beech, a number of times I have had to brake sharply to avoid hitting a car coming in from Aspen whose driver sailed through the intersection without slowing or checking adequately for cars coming down Beech St.
  • Biking Archived
    Maple St Essex, Vermont - Essex Junction
    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but the bike lanes on Pearl and especially Maple street are full of debris. Gravel, sand, etc. Street-sweeping these would be nice. I keep hearing this called a biking community, but there is need for more bike lanes, and improvements on the existing ones. Thank you.
  • 84 Pearl Street Essex, Vermont - Essex Junction
    The buffered bike lanes painted on Pearl St were nice when they could be seen. The buffer zone is worn off and in some cases all lines are completely gone. Please repaint the bike lane lines and buffer.
  • 32-48 South St Essex Junction, VT, 05452, USA - Essex Junction
    Vegetation in the green belt
  • Address Unavailable - Essex Junction
    Can something be done about the bushes blocking the sidewalk at the top of Brickyard Rd? it's impossible to stay on the sidewalk if you're walking there.
  • 40 Park Street Essex, Vermont - Essex Junction
    The owners plow truck has completely blocked the sidewalk here with a mountain of snow that you cannot walk through or climb over. I hope they can be fined for this. There will be ADL children walking to school this morning, in the road, with their backs to traffice because the sidewalk is impassable.