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  • 124 Jefferson Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    At this address and mid-block Jefferson & near high school. Walked to Avalon garage. Worker there said floors were being painted late in day with very strong paint & this probably source of odor.
    What is the paint? Brand name? Chemical composition? Piercing acrid solvent smell ongoing for several weeks.
  • Corner Of Battle Rd And Olden Ln Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    cars are constantly speeding on Olden Ln. coming from and to Mercer. Very dangerous when trying to cross the street. There is a bus stop at the corner. A 4 way stop is much needed @ this corner.
  • 1251-1279 Great Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Multiple potholes along the right side of the road beginning at the intersection of Heather Lane and ending at Cherry Valley.
  • 110 Bayard Lane Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Owner of the property is very old and possibly in a nursing home at this point. The house is in such disrepair that it may need to be condemned. The neighbors are also very concerned because there are vulchers going in and out of the house through holes in the roof.
  • 201 Witherspoon St Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Thank you Princeton for removing the old storm drains with slits parallel to the road: the ones that were effective bicycle tire traps!
    There is one left in front of 201 Witherspoon Street: could you please replace it with the nice new ones with short holes? Thanks!
  • 44 Hartley Avenue Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Many kids living in this area are using Broadmead on their way to John Witherspoon Middle School or PHS. A zebra crossing has been painted on this dangerous intersection, but not crossing faculty road where drivers are often speeding but only on Broadmead, which is a quiet road anyway.
  • 32 Stanley Avenue Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    A very large oak shade tree limb is clearly dead and cracking. It is in danger of falling on people and electrical wires. It is directly above a walkway/driveway where there is constant foot traffic.
  • 145-155 Spruce St Princeton, NJ 08542, USA - Princeton
    part of the playground structure at Maggie's Playground is sinking. also there is a used condom on the playground. please maintain the structure and clean the playground!
  • 252 Hamilton Avenue Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    There are multiple potholes midway between Hornor Lane and Stanley Avenue (next to electric pole #60725 PB). The largest is 6 inches deep and is next to the storm drain. Someone could easily lose control of their car while driving over this and get into an accident.
  • 253 Moore St Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton North
    Moore Street, between Franklin and Guyot, is so full of potholes and uneven terrain it is difficult to ride on it (with a bicycle) and especially dangerous at nights when there are no street lights. This must be on the township's radar, no? I have injured myself far too many times riding home after work. Please look into re-paving this section of the street! Thanks.
  • 17 Witherspoon St Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Many potholes need to be fixed on Witherspoon St in Princeton
  • 141 Harris Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton North

    I have noticed that there has been a work stoppage at the hospital site for over two weeks and that all the piles of soil on the site are covered by tarp held down by bales of hay. See attached photo.

    My understanding is that the NJ DEP requires soil to be covered when there is possible soil contamination. Has there been soil testing for possible contamination? What triggered the soil testing?