Joe Moakley Park PLUS

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  • Filthy Stadium Acknowledged
    460 Old Colony Ave Boston, MA 02125, USA - South Boston
    The field & track @ Saunders stadium is a mess. Not only is there trash and broken glass all about the stadium, but there is also used condoms, knifes as well as feces. Kids use this park as well as adults. Why can't the city spend some time maintaining this place?
  • Used condom Archived
    6-24 William J Day Boulevard Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    Used condom left of the field at Saunders stadium at Moakley park. The field and stadium is also littered with trash and broken glass. The raised planter at the main entrance is covered with weeds instead of flowers. The water fountain is broken. The park as a whole needs to be better maintained. The street hockey rink is littered with feces and broken glass. Homeless people are hanging around there drinking and making a mess.
  • Columbia Rd Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
  • 1187 Columbia Rd Boston, MA 02127, USA - South Boston
    2 needles in a cardboard box next to the preschools stairs. 1187 Columbia road
  • 1005 Columbia Rd Boston, MA 02125, USA - South Boston
    2JAT53 parked in no parking zone within 20 feet of crosswalk. dangerously blocks sight lines to pedestrians entering crosswalk
  • sdf Archived
    1226 Columbia Rd Boston, MA - South Boston
  • Other Acknowledged
    165 William J Day Blvd Boston 02127, United States - South Boston
    Bike lane needs physical protection
  • Broken Sidewalk Acknowledged
    1217-1235 Columbia Rd South Boston, MA, 02127, USA - South Boston
    Big spalled section all the way across the sidewalk.
  • Park Lights Archived
    392–474 Old Colony Ave Boston 02127, United States - South Boston
    Like pole needs cover on wires behind William Mccdonough field house