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  • 524 W Stadium Ann Arbor, MI - Ann Arbor
    The crosswalk across Stadium to get to Pioneer HS is on one of the busiest streets in town and sees near misses with our kids every day. These kids deserve a flashing light like there are on Plymouth Rd. to help them cross, especially as the days get shorter. Please take this seriously before something tragic happens.
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    3601 Plymouth Rd - Ann Arbor
    Please disallow left turns on to Plymouth from the new Plum Market, as they are across the street from the Holiday Inn. It's incredibly disruptive and dangerous, especially during morning and evening rush hour
  • 2301 Plymouth Road Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor

    Along the Plymouth Road Corridor there are wonderful striped bike lanes. In many sections the striping is well worn and almost invisible. I have mentioned before the short eastbound section between Nixon and Huron Parkway and heard that the street is too narrow for a bike lane there. Still, it would be awesome to have the entire Plymouth road bike lane system re-striped - to make the lanes visible before the fall semester starts and traffic increases - both bikes and cars.


  • 2626 Traver Boulevard Ann Arbor, MI 48105, USA - Ann Arbor
    Massive potholes on Traver Blvd (eastbound) from Logan Elementary School to Nixon. City has repaired before within prior year, but problem is back and worse than before. Seriously, fix this road!!!
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    Crosswalk In Front Of 2565 Plymouth Road Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    The city may already realize this, but a big problem with that crosswalk is the sight-distance from the right-most lane of EB Plymouth to the crosswalk. Besides the fairly blind curve, there's a beautiful young oak on that curve that really blocks the view of that crosswalk light. That would be a great place to put another flashing indicator, synchronized with the main RRFB at the crosswalk, west of that tree and the crosswalk, probably about mid-way between the signal at Traverwood and the crosswalk farther east.
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    2799 Plymouth Road Plymouth Mall, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, USA - Ann Arbor
    Dangerous exiting from Speedway has station onto Huron parkway !!! Too many cars are exiting the speedway and determined to make a left turn, which requires crossing three lanes of southbound traffic on Huron. Northbound traffic on Huron cannot always see these cars. An additional problem regards cars exiting onto Huron, but determined to cross two lanes of traffic to get into the turn lane for east bound plymouth. In this scenario, cars sometimes block southbound lanes or worse: they purposefully go north in the southbound lanes and try to make a u-turn to join the line of cars legally in the turn lane for eastbound Plymouth rode. Something needs to be done to prevent speedway customers' access to that turn lane.
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    3570 Plymouth Rd Ann Arbor, MI 48105, USA - Ann Arbor
    And they're still making left turns from SB Green into Plymouth. This intersection needs law enforcement during busy times.
  • 200 West Kingsley Street Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    I previously reported that this intersection needed crosswalk painting last winter. I was told it would be completed in March but there is still no crosswalk. This is a very dangerous intersection for pedestrians that is frequently trafficked and is on desperate need of traffic calming. My own car has been rear ended here and I have a video of many cars running through the intersection at a rate far higher than the posted speed. It's natural for a driver to do this as many drivers come from Plymouth to Broadway to this stretch of Kingsley to get to Miller as they cut through town. The speed limit on Plymouth and Broadway are both much higher and almost no drivers are adjusting their speed. This is compounded by the hill going down in the direction of traffic that makes it very difficult for cars to see pedestrians. And most of the time when they see them they are going to fast to stop. Please repaint this crosswalk and install traffic calming measure and practice targeted enforcement here. This has been going on for a really long time. Thank you.
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    3399 Plymouth Rd Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Lane markings on Plymouth Rd are nonexistent. This is especially problematic because when going westbound, the road jogs to the right once you go through the light at Green Rd. With drivers trying to maintain their same forward progress, most often cars in the right lane end up in the left lane. I have seen many near misses.
  • 1773 Plymouth Road Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor

    I and several others have used see click fix to point out that the striping on Plymouth road between Broadway and Huron Parkway is becoming very worn. The first time I messaged the city about this was ~ one year ago. The reply was that city staff had resolved the issue. Nope.

    More recently others have been messaging the city because the lines are nearly invisible along a stretch of the road – both eastbound and westbound.

    I apologize for putting this in front of you, but striping is inexpensive, adds a lot to safety without complex changes and is long overdue.

    Please try to get Plymouth road lanes restriped.

  • 2541-2599 Washtenaw Avenue Ann Arbor Michigan - Ann Arbor

    Not specific to any location, but Ann Arbor needs major improvement in road maintenance and snow removal. Roads should have salt/sand applied PRIOR to predicted snowfall to prevent accumulation. Snow should then be removed promptly to prevent further accumulation. Major roads such as Huron Pkway, Washtenaw, Plymouth, Pontiac Trail, Packard, Main St, should be absolutely clear but are not. Driving conditions are dangerous and greatly delayed but this could be reduced or even prevented. Other cities of comparable size with snowfall have systems in place to clear the snow, and we expect no less in Ann Arbor.

    Major roads are used my most residents (only way to get North, South, East, West aside from small neighborhood roads). How does the city prioritize resources? We could afford to hire snipers and sterilization of deer for a multi-year deer cull, which many residents opposed, yet basic road safety and maintenance during well-known snowy winters are not done. It is important to clear the roads for safety, public health, and as an added benefit, it would help our economy. Schools closed early today, parents had to leave work early to pick up/care for their kids at home, and many staff left the office early (eg 1:30p) due to concerns about traffic, safety, and prolonged commute times, and it's challenging to support restaurants/shops when driving on unplowed roads is terrifying. I am a year-round bike commuter and would ideally be able to also advocate for clearance of the bike lane and multi-purpose sidewalks so that I could continue to bike when there is snow, but the main roads are not even clear....

  • 2001-2109 Green Road Ann Arbor, Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Green Road has four southbound lanes and two northbound lanes on the north side of Plymouth Road. The left SB lane is a left-turn lane. The right SB lane is a right-turn lane. The lane next to the right-turn lane goes straight onto Green Road. The remaining lane is marked for straight or left turn. That means there are two lanes from which drivers can go straight, but south of Green there is just one southbound lane. That lane marking causes confusion. Drivers in the dedicated straight lane cannot tell whether vehicles next to them are turning or going straight until they are well into the intersection. This leads to an awkward merging of two lanes in the middle of a busy intersection. The traffic pattern could be improved and made safer by having two dedicated left-turn lanes and just one lane from which drivers could proceed straight on SB Green.