redneck haven

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Area bordered by Dave Ward Drive and Salem Road to Nutter's Chapel south to Old Military, south to purposed Conway Loop.

Notified About

  • Chenal Parkway Little Rock, AR 72223, USA - Little Rock
    All up and down Chenal Parkway are multiple potholes. Once you miss one you are on top of another.
  • 1100 Amity Rd Conway, AR 72032, USA - Conway

    Route Exit 129A traffic directly onto Amity, so those drivers will have equality at traffic light as those on Dave Ward or already on Amity.

    Commuting from Little Rock to Middle Rd, I must fight to merge into traffic with others waiting at light heading East on Dave Ward across Amity.

  • 124 Delaware Ln Maumelle AR 72113, United States - Maumelle
    Neighbor is dumping grass clippings on my lot
  • 129 Sierra Valley Loop Maumelle, AR 72113, USA - Maumelle
  • 1601-1817 Stanley Russ Rd Conway, AR 72034, USA - Conway
    The full length of Stanley Russ has poor patch places, increased pot holes and the road is very rough with the increased traffic from HP and surrounding new home additions.
  • 235 Lake Valley Dr Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    Light is Out
  • 13 River Valley Ct Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle

    The light out, and we would like it fixed.


    It’s between 13 & 14 River Valley Ct.

  • 36 Sagamore Ct Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    street light at 34 Sagamore Ct, across from intersection of Sagamore Ct and War Eagle DR. Provided by PD from prior request to confirm fix of street light in area
  • 106 War Eagle Dr Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    dim light at #110 War Eagle Dr, east side of road
  • 227 Maumelle Valley Dr Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    Street light out between 223 and 225 Maumelle Valley - can’t photo, too dark to see.
  • 4 Eagle Cv Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - US Congressional District AR2
    call in from Julie Buckner regarding lights on War Eagle Dr not staying lit consistenly.
  • 202 Lake Valley Dr Maumelle, AR, 72113, USA - Maumelle
    resident called in regarding light being out between #202/204 Lake Valley Dr