2731 Sylvan Way

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  • 1605 N Mcdonald St McKinney, TX 75071 - McKinney
    Left lane turns into LEFT ONLY lane without any warning, AND the CURB placed in front of it is dangerous and will throw car into next lane traffic if they cannot stop. It blew out my tire because I could not stop soon enough and there was car on right of me so couldn't move over. It was very dark at night so I also did not see curb well.
  • 4313 Sarasota Ln McKinney, TX - McKinney
    Pavement breaking up by driveway
  • Lansdale Dr And Fenway McKinney, TX - McKinney
    Please repair street light out. It has been out since before June 2012
  • County Road 117 McKinney, TX 75070, USA - McKinney
    The traffic light will not recognize cars waiting to go south on Alma. Around 7am, if there are no cars turning east (left turn lane) heading south on Alma, the light will allow cars to go straight (south) on Alma. The light works for all other traffic situations, and it doesn't seem to be an issue during the day, but in the morning I have sat through 3 light cycles until a car pulled into the left turn late to go east on Eldorado.
  • Booby trapped Archived
    Texas 5 McKinney, TX 75069, USA - McKinney
    Serious potholes north and south bound Hwy 5 from Industrial to Hwy 75/121 split.
  • Mallard Lakes And Eider Drive Mc Kinney, TX - McKinney
    The light has been out for over a month
  • Jordan & Deer Trail Mc Kinney, TX - McKinney
    street light has been out for months
  • 812 Inland Ln McKinney, TX 75070 - McKinney
    Fence was spray painted, looks like gang tagging of some sort. Would really like a better poice presence at night in the neighborhood.
  • 815 Industrial Blvd McKinney, TX - McKinney
    Numerous potholes on Industrial Blvd between S. Mcdonald Street and Airport Road. I've had the displeasure of running over some of them. huge hazard to cyclist.
  • Lake Forest Dr McKinney, TX 75070, USA - McKinney
    Lights in walkway broken out in Winniford Park.
  • Eldarado Pkwy McKinney, TX 75069, USA - McKinney
    Broken street light at intersection of College and Eldorado
  • County Road 159 McKinney, TX 75071, USA - McKinney
    MISD thinks 7:30 AM is an OK time for high schoolers to start school. Dingbats need to be removed.