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  • 2156-2198 Bryan Park Avenue Henrico, Virginia - Bryan Park
    There are several clogged city storm drains on Bryan Park Ave., specifically at the entrance triangle to the Bryan Parkway neighborhood. (2000-2100 block) Recent rains have flooded Bryan Park Ave and trash/debris constantly collects in these pools.
  • 6621 Carmel Rd Henrico, VA 23228, USA - Lakeside
    After Henrico County did some work below our small street shooting off the cul de sac on Carmel Road a few years back, it began to crack and form large potholes. The recent snow, ice and freezing temperatures have combined to produce gaping ruts, loose pavement and dangerous conditions. The road is now nearly impassable, especially for smaller cars.
  • 2501 Irisdale Ave Richmond, VA 23228, USA - Lakeside
    Inoperable motorcycle, scooter, law mowers, and other items stored in yard.
  • Hermitage & Bryan Park Ave Richmond, Virginia - Bryan Park
    SW Corner of Hermitage & Bryan Park Ave
  • 2850 Dumbarton Rd. Richmond, Virginia - Lakeside
    Street light is out. I believe #10 is the number on it.
  • 2156-2198 Bryan Park Ave Richmond, Virginia - Bryan Park
    remove the large tree your folks push over on the side of Bryan Park Avenue. Unfortunately, they moved it onto the bank of Bryan Park Avenue on Richmond side and left it...along with very large and sharp debris in the turn around at 2314 Bryan Park Avenue
  • Hermitage Road And Bryan Park Avenue Richmond, VA - Bryan Park
    Plastic utility cover, reported multiple times, broken on the Southwest corner. Presents a fall hazard to the public.
  • 1205-1225 Wilmer Ave Richmond, VA 23227, USA - Lakeside
    Just before you enter the on ramp to I-95S on right side of road. Two lights are out.
  • 2707 Dellrose Ave Richmond, VA 23228, USA - Lakeside
    2705 & 2707 Dellrose Avenue, Henrico, VA 23228 have allowed the alley to become overgrown and impassable.
  • 20th & Main Street - Lakeside
    street light bulb not working at SE corner @ 20TH & Main Street.
  • Interstate 95 & U.S. Highway 1 Lakeside, VA - Lakeside
    A pothole on the on-ramp that is very wide and deep. Has caused many flat tires according to the tow truck driver.
  • Hermitage & Bryan Park Ave Richmond, VA - Bryan Park