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    233-245 Ewen Avenue New Westminster, BC V3M, Canada - New Westminster
    The new sidewalk is blocked by construction fencing and people are having to divert out into the street to get around it. This was witnessed most recently this evening as a new mother had to walk down the road outside of the cones that did not provide enough space for her stroller. The previous issue raised on this stated that the issue was being looked into and then it was closed an archived. Until this issue is resolved should this not remain open? And what is the timeline for this to be addressed?
  • 160 Fourth Street New Westminster, BC V3L 1H9, Canada - New Westminster
    water fountain is not working
  • 1 Renaissance Square New Westminster, BC V3M 0B6, Canada - New Westminster
  • 3 Rialto Court New Westminster, British Columbia - New Westminster

    The Quayside dog park has long been promised a water fountain for people and dogs.

    We are requesting again a fountain be placed in this dog park.

    The dog park is very hot on sunny days and there is no trees on the south or east side to provide shade when it gets hot in the afternoon.

    Currently people hang jugs of water in the tree and it looks very unsightly.

    The dog park gets heavy use and we want a water station installed as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter

  • 250 Ross Dr New Westminster, BC V3L, Canada - New Westminster
    garbage all over this parking area/worksite used by Onni construction crews
  • 488 Glenbrook Dr New Westminster, BC V3L 5K2, Canada - New Westminster
    Over grown vegetation to ravine entrance on Glenbrook Drive
  • 303 - 5 Renaissance Square New Westminster, British Columbia - New Westminster
    Cars inching out of Renaissance Square often have near misses from traffic on Quayside Drive. Large vehicles park at the head of the line on Quayside Drive so it is difficult to see and traffic is very often driving quickly along Quayside Drive. Maybe removing the existing first traffic spot would provide greater visibility.
  • 417 E Columbia St New Westminster V3L, Canada - New Westminster
  • 481 Glenbrook Dr New Westminster, BC V3L 5K2, Canada - New Westminster
    Sidewalk is buckling
  • 45 Fourth St New Westminster, BC V3L 5H7, Canada - New Westminster
    intersections of Carnarvon and 4th and/or Agnes and 4th desperately need to become 4 way stops. There is a lot of traffic during School drop off and pickup times from Qayqayt Elementary. 4th at Carnarvon deals with a completely blind hill for traffic moving East/West.
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    Fourth Street & Agnes New Westminster, British Columbia - New Westminster
    Please install a Four-Way Stop.
    With increased traffic due to the new school, it is becoming very dangerous for pedestrians to cross Agnes Street at Fourth Avenue.
  • 315-319 Stanley Street New Westminster, BC V3M, Canada - New Westminster
    This property is a storage yard for metal waste. But there is no security fencing or any type of fencing to keep children out of the dangerous area. Could you please have the owner clean it up or put proper fencing up.