Downtown San Jose

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  • Almaden Blvd And San Fernando San Jose, CA - Downtown

    whenever I'm trying to turn left (north) onto almaden from San Fernando, the sensor never detects my bike requiring me to make a dangerous turn on a red arrow.

    Today the sensor didn't even detect cars in the lane, never giving them the green light.

  • 230 E San Salvador St San Jose, CA - Downtown

    At the intersection of 5th and San Salvador, many students and neighborhood pedestrians face a constant battle for safety while trying to cross San Salvador to reach the SJSU campus.

    At the intersection there is both heavy auto traffic due to the two parking garages in close proximity, and heavy foot traffic due to off campus student housing on adjacent blocks as well as the SJSU Park and Ride Shuttle stop.

  • 200 E. Santa Clara St San Jose, CA - Downtown
    Issues in D6 not resolved. Abandoned shopping carts, lack of street sweeping, noisy motorcycles and boom cars, speeding traffic, litter at bus stops
  • 190 Ryland St. San Jose, California - Downtown
    There are multiple homeless camps at both ends of Ryland St. (at the park and under the freeway overpass). The camp under the over pass has grown from one homeless person to at least three and they have taken over the entire sidewalk.
    There are also multiple RV's and vans in various stages of disrepair that are parked along the street at all hours of the day with people living in them. The RV owners have opened street lights on Santa Teresa and tapped into their wiring for power to their vehicles.
    The area is becoming dirty, unpleasant, and unsafe to walk through, even during the day.
  • Street light Archived
    52-74 Bassett Street San Jose, California - Downtown
    In this case, the street light is still on. It wasn't working last week. But it's 1.16 pm now and the light is still on.
  • Civic Center San Jose, CA 95110, USA - Downtown
    VTA Bus stop 66 & 181bench needs fixing to prevent tearing of clothes.
  • 324 N12street San Jose, California - Downtown
    the street lamp in front of 324 N 12 street is out . The pole number is10m100.
  • Guadalupe River Trail San Jose, CA 95113, USA - Downtown
    cups bottles. cans plastics
  • Shopping Carr Archived
    1040 Luther Avenue San Jose, CA 95126, USA - Downtown
    Abandoned Safeway cart
  • 400-410 Park Avenue San Jose, California - Downtown
    Eastbound Park Avenue (heading toward downtown) is badly worn and deformed from heavy traffic, causing cars to scrape against the road.
  • 195 E Santa Clara St San Jose, CA 95112, USA - Downtown
    near 48 S. 7th St
  • 207 Lincoln Avenue San Jose California - Sunol-Midtown
    To cross Park Ave between Sunol and Race is quite dangerous. It forces all pedestrians to dodge cars or walk all the way to either end to simply access a streetlight and crosswalk. In addition, traffic is very heavy on Lincoln and Park and this intersection desperately needs either a light or stop signs and crosswalk. Is there any plan to address this situation on Park Ave? Curious if the current construction has this as part of the plan.