Councilman Michael Wojcik

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I am the Council Member for Rochester Ward 2 which includes Manor Wood Lakes, Country Club manor, All areas around Fox Hill, Kutzky Park, Historic Southwest, Folwell, and most of Salem. I have created a watch area that includes my ward and I will address issues as they are posted.

Notified About

  • 1924 6th Street Southwest Rochester, MN 55902, USA - Rochester
    Road was washed out over 1 month ago due to broken water main. Erosion is continuing to make the roadway even more dangerous. There are no safety cones or barriers to warn drivers of the danger.
  • Broadway & 4th St Sw Rochester, MN - Rochester
    At the SW corner of the intersection of Broadway & 4th St SW, the pedestrian "walk" signal button is broken off and hanging by its wires. Looks like someone or something hit it pretty hard and broke the plastic housing that attached the button to the metal pole.
  • 926 1st St Sw Rochester, MN 55902, USA - Rochester
    It appears that the house at 926 1st St SW has asbestos shingles and two gentlemen are removing them without any personal protective equipment or abatement measures. I'm not sure who to contact.
  • pot hole Archived
    517 5th St Sw Rochester, Minnesota - Rochester
    Hi, there is a big pot hole in the street just before our driveway, Thanks!
  • 200 5th Street Southwest Rochester, Minnesota - Rochester
    Stop sign on the SW corner of 5th St SW is not very visible to traffic heading East. I've nearly been hit by a speeder coming down this road, likely trying to get around road closures and construction. Have witnessed several other individuals running this stop sign too. The tree to the West seems to impair visibility.
  • 611 1st St Sw Rochester, MN 55902, USA - Rochester
  • 4227 Manor View Dr Nw Rochester, MN - Rochester
    The number on the light pole is 10629
  • 1 S Broadway Rochester, MN 55902, USA - Rochester
    Pothole in Broadway crosswalk at SW corner of intersection, trip hazard for pedestrians. My mother stumbled (literally) into this hazard earlier today and fell down. Injuries are bruises and scrapes only, but someone else might not be so lucky.
  • 3118 Tremont Lane Sw Rochester, MN - Rochester
    About every 5 minutes the street light turns off, then after 5 minutes it turns back on, etc.
  • 1009 1st St Sw Rochester, MN 55902, USA - Rochester
    Clogged storm drain? Or just poorly graded road? Or both?
  • 1651-1699 2nd St Sw Rochester, MN 55901, USA - Rochester
    Pedestrian light signal dim or not lit
  • 1131 7th St Sw Rochester, MN - Rochester

    The word on the Street is ( A NO VOTE FOR NOWICKI & SNYDER IS THE RIGHT VOTE )

    Lets end this 5-2 or 4-3 Vote at the City Council Meetings.

    Lets see changes in the Housing Code, Zoning Codes which will help eliminate crime in our city.