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  • 201-299 Main St Asbury Park, NJ 07712, USA - Asbury Park
    i spent exactly 7 minutes waiting for a traffic light coming out of AP municipal coming out onto main street there should be some kind of censor indicating theres a car there because you cant turn right on red either...
  • 810 Monroe Ave Asbury Park, NJ - Asbury Park
    The storm sewers in the area where monroe intersects the train tracks (just east of Memorial Dr.) are clogged with garbage? debris?. Now, when it rains heavily, it floods badly. Cars at that location may be sitting in 1-2 feet of water within 10 minutes of a t-storm. Also, the water goes right up to the door of our apartment building. 3 times now I have had to wade in knee deep nastly flood water during a lightning storm (not safe!) to move my car so the water won't go into my exhaust system or otherwise ruin it. This only just started happening recently, so please, no "flooding happens all the time down the shore" comments. Please Asbury DPW, clear out the storm sewers at Monroe and the tracks before someone's car gets flood damaged. Thank you.
  • 4th Ave (From Wickapecko) Asbury park , New Jersey - Asbury Park
    I've worked in asbury park for 6 years coming from wanamassa. With sunset Ave not being an option, the potholes on 4th act, especially coming off of wickapecko should be fixed. It's ridiculous.