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  • Potholes Archived
    6844-6898 W Hayes Ave Chicago, IL 60631, USA - Niles
    Recently already filled needs to be fixed potholes
  • Pothole Open
    7350 N Croname Niles, Illinois - Niles
    Pothole in driveway of parking lot between 7350 and 7400 N Croname
  • Pothole Archived
    9601-9621 North Dee Road Niles, Illinois - Niles
  • 8001 Illinois 21 Niles, Illinois - Niles
    Past 11 PM and the RED light is taking really long time when it is just me and another car, waiting in the intersection. I positioned my car before the line,close to the line,past the line,you name it.....Please review the timing of the lights so it can be more efficient and maintain good flow.
  • 7319-7485 Lehigh Avenue Niles, Illinois - Niles
    There is water in the sides of the street that is covering nearly half the road.
  • 8027 N Ozanam Ave Niles, Illinois - Niles
    The road right outside my driveway (at the address reported) is eroded a little. During raining days, water can accumulate into a small pool. And in the winter, the pool of water gets frozen and become a hazard for pedestrians.
  • 9098 West Heathwood Drive Niles, Illinois - Niles
    Pothole on the intersection damaging the cars.
  • 9623-9717 North Dee Road Des Plaines, IL - Niles
    A nasty pothole has formed on the Southbound lane of Dee Rd. Very shortly after making a right hand turn on Dee from Golf. I hit the pothole in my wife's car at night. Was hard to avoid it since by the time I saw it, it was too light. Jarred the entire car pretty bad. Was hoping one of her wheels did not bend. They're probably okay. Please take a look at it. Thank you!
  • Tree Debris Archived
    6853 N Caldwell Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60646 - Niles
    Completed. *Complete the Service Request.
  • 7199 N Lehigh Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60646 - Niles
  • Tree Debris Archived
    6853 N Caldwell Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60646 - Niles
  • 9078 West Heathwood Drive Niles, Illinois - Niles