Ballantyne South, Charlotte, NC

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Ballantyne South, NC

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  • 11003 Travis Gulch Dr Charlotte, NC 28277, USA - Charlotte
    Several children walk to Audry Kell H.S. from the Southampton Commons community. A cross walk is despratly needed to ensure the safety of the children. Cars get backed up dropping off kids and do not allow the children to cross safely. several parents have stood at the intersection at the beginning of the school year and documented the cars not giving the kids the right of way. Please Help keep our kids safe. Thank you
  • Community House Road And Ardrey Kell Road Charlotte, North Carolina - Provincetowne
    This intersection has become increasingly dangerous. With the lack of left hand turning arrows in all four directions and increasing traffic, it is almost impossible to make a left hand turn in any direction during morning, afternoon and evening hours. As a result, cars and yes- even school buses full of children make left hand turns while the light is red. Parents who need to drop their kids off at Ardrey Kell high school are making right hand turns and then making illegal Uturns into Landen Meadows just to avoid having to make a left hand turn. If you are going straight-you have to dodge those who chance turning left . There are going to be many more accidents. This year the traffic will just get worse with the new neighborhood (Ballanmore) added on this corner. Please add turning lights, and turning lanes.
  • 11003 Travis Gulch Dr Charlotte, NC 28277, USA - Charlotte
    Ardrey Kell is a busy and very high speed road where many many students cross here to go from AK high school into the neighborhood of Southampton and visa versa. There have been numerous close calls of kids getting hit. During the late fall, winter and spring months, these children are crossing this street in the dark going to school and cars do not see them !!! We need a cross walk here immediately!!
  • Pot Holes Archived
    Lancaster Highway charlotte , nc - Ballantyne West
    Bad potholes on Old Lancaster Hwy between Ballantyne Commons and Providence West
  • 16701-17099 U.S. 521 Charlotte, NC 28277, USA - Charlotte
    Where Audrey Kell Rd crosses hwy 521 there is a very large dip in the pavement, this needs to be evened out, you have to come to almost a complete stop when crossing
  • 10601 Rea Rd Charlotte, NC 28277, USA - Provincetowne
    You can see the tip of a sign, but what it may say is a mystery at Rea Road & Lindahi Lane across from the Blakeney Raquet Club here in South Charlotte.
  • 9291-9299 Ardrey Kell Road Charlotte, North Carolina - Provincetowne
    Heading EASTbound on on Ardrey Kell, at Community House, a left turning light was added. At first it gave a green arrow for about 30 seconds, that would let some cars through. Now it doesn't give a green arrow, it just goes straight to yellow. This intersection is very busy, and it is extremely hard to make a SAFE left hand turn. The green arrow needs to be turned back on. Thank you.
  • 9946 Rea Rd Charlotte, NC 28277, USA - Provincetowne
    At the intersection of Ardrey Kell and Rea Rd. the Ardrey Kell Rd. sign is miss spelled. It is spelled Aurdrey Kell Rd. the correct spelling is Ardrey Kell Rd.
  • Ardrey Kell Rd Charlotte, NC 28277, USA - Charlotte
    there is a large dip in the pavement crossing Audrey Kell Road with Lancaster highway. It has been ignored for months. You have to almost come to a complete stop in the middle of the road while crossing due to the un-even pavement otherwise you will damage your car.
  • 10601 Rea Rd Charlotte, NC 28277, USA - Provincetowne
  • Dog Waste Archived
    Bullock Greenway Blvd - Provincetowne
    We are homeowners in Blakeney Greens and we are having a horrible problem with dog waste. I contacted the HOA they told me to call 311 and report it to animal control because acording to the North Carolina state law you are required to pick up after your pets, animal control says I need an address. We are just getting the run around. There is NO way I can sit here and monitor whos pet owner is not removing their waste. There is a doggie station right in front of our home with FREE bags and a trash can. Went on a walk this morning there is dog waste right infront of it. This is an ongoing issue that only seems to be getting worse and no one wants to help me. If you can please help me resolve this is issue it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Community House Rd Charlotte, NC 28277, USA - Provincetowne
    Where Community House crosses Ardrey Kell, the lanes are .with the straight and left turn traffic in one lane and a right turn lane by itself. Why not have the left turn lanes alone and the straight and right turn traffic in one lane? Many accidents happen here