Belmar, NJ

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Belmar Borough, Monmouth County, New Jersey

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  • 101-199 County Road 18 Belmar, NJ 07719, USA - Belmar

    Can the town have this place clean itself up a bit?

    It is currently in violation of two town regulations:

    #1 - The new large red dumpster violates:
    Chapter XXIII 23-7.1
    all trash, garbage, rubbish, waste, recyclable materials and trade waste, and all receptacles and containers therefor, whether empty or not, shall be stored or kept, as far as reasonably practicable, so that they are not visible from the streets or public rights-of-way

    #2 The sidewalk is in dire need of repair near the dumpsters, and violates

    Chapter XVI 16-20.1
    It shall be the duty of any owner of abutting lands to repair, alter, re-lay and maintain any sidewalk, or section thereof, at the abutting landowner's expense.

  • 1000-1098 Ocean Ave Belmar, NJ 07719, USA - Belmar
    notified police on boardwalk, said they would get to it. never did. had too leave with my family due to in appropriote behavior. i love belmar and have been a resident for many years, please help keep the beach clean and safe.
  • Pothole Open
    River Ave Belmar, NJ - Belmar
    Potholes all over road for years
  • 1202 Main St Belmar, NJ 07719, USA - Belmar
    A couple of potholes on Main Street / Route 71 as you enter that road from 5th Avenue - there also are some on the other side of 5th Avenue. I think this is a county road
  • River Rd Belmar, NJ - Belmar

    The lane striping between lanes on 35 South at 8th Avenue is misaligned. It jogs left into the adjacent lane instead of being a straight line. Causes vehicles in the left lane make an awkward movement toward the traffic island if they follow the markings.

    It needs to be repainted properly.

  • 310 9th Ave Belmar, NJ - Belmar
    The street light opposite our home has been out for almost a month.
  • Rte 71 And 16th Ave Belmar Nj - Belmar
    There are random cones set out all over Belmar...cops are at random intersections directing traffic. There are no detour directions, or arrows - nothing...all the traffic went around the cones at the railroad because no one knew what do do there and a cop pulled me and a driver over "Do you think we put cones there for no reason" Honestly - I had no idea what the hell was going on ....I still don't - but its a traffic mess
  • 1100-1198 H St Belmar, NJ 07719, USA - Belmar
    Fix the alignment to the driving lanes.
  • 1000-1098 E St Belmar, NJ 07719, USA - Belmar
    The stop sign at the intersection of 10th and E is not needed. occasionally it will creat a backup at the 10th ave. light. a yeild sign would be more reasonable since 10th is a very busy street
  • Fire truck Archived
    Ocean Ave Belmar, NJ 07719 - Belmar
    I hear there is a new fire truck in town. Why has it sat for over 3 months and its still not in service
  • Maplewood Road Belmar, NJ 07719, USA - Belmar
  • 1201-1207 Bayview Ave Belmar, NJ 07719, USA - Belmar
    The stop sign hazard.
    Many go right threw it.
    I have seen many close calls, it will cause an accident also the noise is awful at night.
    I would like it to come down in the summer.
    We wanted something to slow drivers down coming off Hwy 35. The School is on 12th over the Rail road tracks.