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Morris Creek nature preserve and surrounding natural areas of interest.

Notified About

  • 105 Meadow View Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    Resident reports a blocked storm drain in front of this location.
  • 10 Morris Ave New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    Resident reports recycling was not collected.
  • 105 Meadow View Rd New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    Resident reports storm drain needs to be cleaned out and repaired as soon as possible. Blockage led to flooding for the past 2 days.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    143 Meadow View Road New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    The UI and their contractor, Asplundh, cut down 2 cedar trees as part of their tree removal program. They promised to remove the bulk wood from my lawn, but as of today(11/5/15) its still there. I have called both the UI and Asplundh and nothing has been done.
  • 114 Cart Rd(Opposite Of) New Haven, CT - East Shore

    If this Hydrant is cleared, could you please change the issue status to closed with a comment?
    If it needs to be cleared, would you post a comment letting us know?

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    If the hydrant is not cleared we encourage you to clear it out if you are able, or ask a neighbor for help.