Superintendent of Public Works John Salerno

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Superintendent of Public Works John Salerno

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  • 101-399 Forest Dr Roslyn, NY 11576, USA - East Hills
    A total disaster. Part closest to Northern in front of vacant Pall Corp. is filled with potholes and is dangerous, southern part leading to the Jacobson J.C.C. and Slant-Fin factory is also terrible. Have been told by N. Hempstead Supervisor that it is responsibility of Village of East Hills
  • Forest Drive At Northern Blvd. East Hills, NY - East Hills
    Kller pothole on Forest, just south of Northern Blvd.
  • Northern Blvd + Forest Drive East Hills, NY 11548, USA - East Hills
    there is a HUGE series of potholes in the westbound left lane on 25a right after glen cove road. avoid at all costs!!! they are deep, and the town seems to not care or want to do anything about it because they've been there for awhile.
  • 300 Forest Dr Roslyn, NY 11576, USA - East Hills
    When trying to access the gym there are MANY potholes on this road.
  • 2200 Northern Blvd Greenvale, New York - East Hills

    This is an intersection that is usually empty with the exception of a select few hours where there are a lot of cars entering (AM Rush Hours) or leaving (PM Rush Hours).. However the traffic lights lock traffic down like you're in midtown Manhattan.

    Westbound Northern Blvd should be a yield green with left turn arrow when appropriate to clear traffic when there is no oncoming traffic (nobody goes eastbound on Northern Blvd during AM Rush hour.. making it a waste of time waiting for left turn arrow with excellent sightlines on incoming traffic.)

    Forest Drive drivers just lost the ability to make a right on red, which is completely illogical, never seen an accident at this intersection. (This seems to be related to the brand new pedestrian crossing lights, however fewer than 15 people seem to walk on any given day versus hundreds of cars.) This now causes huge back ups on forest drive, with short lights unable to clear the backlog of cars waiting to leave after an office closes for the day.

    Museum Drive was just given its own independent timings from Forest Drive, which also makes no sense since peak museum hours are the exact opposite of peak commute hours.

    Basically instead of correcting the one scenario that probably should've been corrected, several nightmare gridlock scenarios have been created with this new intersection infrastructure and rules. It would've been cheaper and more cost effective to purchase a car for each of the extremely few people who walk from the bus stop.

    A better traffic study should have been conducted (assuming one was conducted prior to this installation), and at all hours of the day for an accurate picture.

    This whole thing is a clusterf*

  • East Hills NY, USA - East Hills
    LIE section between 38 and after 39 going east. major craters. Caused a blow and a 20 cars with Flat tires on shoulder last Friday night
  • Litter, trash Archived
    101-389 Forest Drive Greenvale, NY 11548, USA - East Hills
  • 200 Forest Drive East Hills, NY - East Hills
    The wooded area on Forest Drive, East Hills, beyond the fences of property owners, is a mess of trash and litter, especially in the road bends. This is across from the lot of former Pall Corp., now the executive business center. Who's responsible? Needs to be cleaned up by the Village, N. Hempstead Town or someone else. How about the business park owners?
  • 20;0 Forest Drive East Hills, New York - East Hills
    Giant pothile in westbound lane on Forest Drive
  • 101-389 Arlington Circle Greenvale, NY - East Hills
    Huge potholes on Forest Drive, just south of Northern Blvd., East Hills, between old Pall Corp. and Chrysler dealer...also in Northern Blvd. at intersection. An old problem.
  • N Hempstead Turnpike Roslyn, NY 11576, USA - Roslyn Harbor
    New potholes going westbound, in the fast lane