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  • sinkhole Archived
    North Terrace East Ridge, TN - Brainerd
    There is what I think its a sinkhole on the sidewalk near Germantown rd on north terrace rd I almost fell in it on 9/12/14 afternoon
  • N Germantown Rd Chattanooga, TN - Brainerd
    There is no sidewalk going from brainerd road to tunnel Blvd on N Germantown. Every day I watch children walk to the bus stop on a very busy street, I watch elderly climb the street against oncoming traffic and disabled residents ride their wheelchairs on the street because there is no place to walk. It's unsafe and a disgrace to this community.
  • 5526 Miller Dr Chattanooga, TN 37411, USA - Brainerd
    Potholes/road hazards all around Eastgate roads-1st Tenn, Mall, to Brainerd Rd light-Miller Dr to Spring Creek Light.
  • 3911 Midland Pike/Lana Ln Chattanooga, TN 37411/usa - Brainerd
    have called for brush p/u since Nov.2009,still have not had the brush picked up?Before this area had brush p/u monthly.Calling 311 seems not to be working very well.
  • 821 Woodmore Terrace - Brainerd
    Potholes/road hazards (4 or 5 sinking pavement in the
    middle of the street
  • 100 South Germantown Rd 37411 - Brainerd
    The right lane on South Germantown Rd. going up the hill from Brainerd Rd. toward East Ridge is extremely rough and badly in need of repaving.
  • 4700 Tomahawk Trail Chattanooga, TN 37411, USA - Brainerd
    Potholes/road hazards
  • 3100-3198 Rockmead Chattanooga, TN 37411, USA - Brainerd
    Three large potholes have opened up.
  • 701-791 Eastgate Loop Chattanooga, TN 37411, USA - Brainerd

    Potholes/road hazards


  • 22 Oriole Dr Chattanooga, TN 37411, USA - Brainerd
  • 5839 Brainerd Road Chattanooga, Tennessee - Brainerd
    If you are turning left on brainerd road out of the Walmart on greenway the light will only allow 2-3 cars go through if there is nobody in the straight or right turn lanes. Can this light PLEASE be adjusted so more traffic can flow when there is only traffic in the left turn lane? If there is traffic in the straight or right turn lanes it gives a longer light for some reason. Sensor I guess?
  • South Seminole@24 - Brainerd
    Potholes/road hazards