Marlboro, NJ

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Marlboro Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey

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  • Ryan Road Manalapan/Marlboro, NJ 07726, USA - Monmouth County

    I want Malanapan Police to stop harassing drivers and issuing speeding tickets on Ryan Road. This road has a speed limit 35 mph within boundroes of Marlboro Township, but speed drops to 25 mph immediately after crossing boundry of Manalapan Township. It is the same road and the same area, so why is it ok to drive 35 mph in Marlboro and not ok in Manalapan.
    Does it mean that Manalapan need more money? Well, find another source of income.

  • Rt 79 And Ryan Rd - Monmouth County

    Coming out of Inverness Dr onto Rt 79 is like playing russian roulette.

    The ongoing traffic from Ryan Rd never stops! We need the lights changed so that it goes green for Ryan Rd, and then turns Red completely.

  • Tennent Road And Route 520 morganville, nj USA - Morganville
    turning lane not marked, nor is there a turning light, cars in both lanes proceed straight across rt 520, almost causing an accident every time I am in this area. I can't believe nothing has been done about this intersectiom
  • Texas Road Monmouth County, NJ - US Congressional District NJ6
    Texas Rd is a mess. It is in such a state of disrepair that it is causing vehicles to swerve and even drive in the oncoming traffic lane to avoid potholes. This is an extremely unsafe condition where, inevitably, there's going to be a head-on collision.
  • 30 New Jersey 34 Morganville, NJ 07751, USA - Monmouth County
    The light at this intersection is not needed. It is just another location to stop traffic and make a backup going to Lloyd Rd. Also some people still havent picked up the fact that there IS a light there now so you have to abide by it!
  • Rt 18 North At Rt 520. Marlboro - Morganville
    Rt 18 north at 520 off ramp is full of potholes for months. Winter has made a bad situation worse. Potholes now are at a damaging level. So bad if you hit the holes you can lose control of your car.
  • Gordons Corner Rd At Tenant Marlboro, 07746 - Monmouth County
    This area is a death trap. Along with the new bridge construction, there needs to be a new traffic light added
  • 406 State Highway 79 Morganville, NJ 07751, USA - Monmouth County
    Heading north on Route 79 in Marlboro, the speed limit drops from 50 mph, to 40, for such a short distance (600 feet maybe?), then raises to 45 mph for about a half mile, then goes down to 40 again in Matawan. It shouldremain 45 for most of its length and then reduce to 40 in downtown
    Matawan. So, from 50 in Marlboro, to 45 then 40 in Matawan.
  • 134-138 County Road 520 Morganville, NJ 07751, USA - Morganville
    Dangerous intersection. A traffic light is needed, due to backed
    up cars on Hartman Drive.
  • 440 Tennent Rd Englishtown, NJ 07726, USA - Morganville
    Except in the Downtown section of Tennent, where its 35 mph, which
    is decent. However, the majority of the road should be 45 due to
    several rural and wooded areas surrounding 90 percent of the road.
    There are a few houses nearby, but most are set far back from the
    street. Tennent Road should raise its speed limit to not 50, but 45
    would be a decent speed limit.
  • 119-161 Greenwood Rd Morganville, NJ 07751, USA - US Congressional District NJ6
    Right in the middle of the intersection, the road is coming up and there are small potholes. Marlboro typically ignores morganville especially this area so I'd love to see them actually do something for once
  • United States - Morganville
    Route 18 Northbound lanes extremely rutted and many potholes litter the roadway in the area of County Route 520 exit.