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At Make Tamarac Streets Safer, we are interested in helping residents in the City of Tamarac make roadways safer for everyone! Make Tamarac Streets Safer is a campaign that me and my neighbors started after a fatal car crash happened by our neighboorhood.

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  • Northwest 108th Terrace Tamarac, Florida - Tamarac
    Cars are doing way above the posted speed limit (35 MPH). PLEASE DO SOMETHING BEFORE SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS!! KIDS LIVE IN THIS AREA!!!!
  • 5701-5799 Northwest 94th Avenue Tamarac, Florida - Tamarac
    A pedestrian traffic signal is needed here at the Challenger Elementary & Millennium Middle School crosswalk. Even though the crossing guard DOES HER JOB CORRECTLY by holding up the stop sign, drivers still keep driving. A pedestrian crossing / traffic signal needs to be placed here before a child or the crossing guard gets hit by a car. I see a pedestrian crossing / traffic signal near the intersection of NW 82 Street and NW 74 Terrace, I don't see it in service anymore (the light just flashes yellow) so why can't it be taken down and maybe moved over to the Challenger Elementary & Millennium Middle School crosswalk?
  • 11000 West Mcnab Road Tamarac, Florida - Tamarac
    Please turn on the shelter lights inside the park. We think we see people in the park but are unsure. We want to call BSO but we do not want to waste their time cause we are UNSURE if people are in there.
  • Northwest 108th Terrace Tamarac, Florida - Tamarac
    Please consider adding a bike lane on NW 108 Terrace. There a bikers in this area. I see bike lanes added on streets that barely have any bike traffic, why isn't there bike lanes on streets that have bike traffic?
  • Northwest 108th Terrace Tamarac, Florida - Tamarac
    Please add street lights on the Southbound (West side) of NW 108 Terrace. I have been asking for street lights to be added for a year. The public works department always forwards my request to code enforcement to tell the property owners to trim the trees away. Obviously code enforcement isn't doing their job because the tree's have not been trimmed FOR A YEAR! Please place more street lights on the West side of NW 108 Terrace or tell code enforcement to their job and tell the property owners to remove their trees away from the street lights. If you look at NW 108 Terrace South of NW 71 Place the street lighting is perfect (because there are no trees there. However, the street lighting on NW 108 Terrace North of NW 71 Place is horrible because of the trees.
  • 7001 North University Drive Tamarac / Broward, Florida - Tamarac
    Traffic signal timing for left turn is way too short
  • Pothole Archived
    10801-10871 Sea Hibiscus Lane Tamarac, FL 33321, USA - Tamarac
    Small pothole on NW 108 Terrace & Sea Hibiscus Lane.
  • 9829-9841 West Mcnab Road Tamarac, Florida - Tamarac
    Please continue the Bike lane on W McNab Road (in both directions) West of Nob Hill Road.
  • 2011 Nw 90th Avenue Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024 - Tamarac
    This is the 2nd time I am reporting the severe issue that I and my neighbors have whenever we receive heavy rains. My entrance to my house gets flooded to the point that it looks like a lake! The street is higher than the side walk so when it rains, it makes our entrance and driveway impossible to leave or enter because the water has no where to go or drain. Please, please, as a tax payer a water drain installed would be a relief to our community/neighbors who also experience the same issue. Thank you.
  • 7202 Nw 94 Way Tamarac, Florida - Tamarac
    Sent email to owner/resident without response. Commercial Vehicles are not allowed after 9PM or before 6AM.
  • 6701 Northwest 70th Street Tamarac, Florida - Tamarac
  • 5324 Commercial Blvd Tamarac, FL 33319, USA - Tamarac
    The timing of the light changes on Commercial Blvd between the Sawgrass expressway & 441 need to be adjusted. Constantly changing and stops traffic at each light. Needs to flow better.