West Boylston Water District

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  • 14 Scarlett Street West Boylston, Massachusetts - West Boylston
    There is no storm drain located on the street and it causes large amounts of water to pool at the end of the street. In the winter months this causes ten foot wide several inches deep ice were the road meets my drive way. Due to the high temperature today and the large amount of snow melt it is even wider. I have pictures of water build as it is starting to negatively affect my drive way.
  • 216 West Boylston Street West Boylston, Massachusetts - West Boylston
    Storm water run-off into parking lot at 216 West Boylston St. Erosion where water runs down from Rt 12 into parking lot along front of the building. Water blocks the entrance creating unsafe situation when icy.
  • 8 Heritage Ln West Boylston, Massachusetts - West Boylston
    Large pothole at bottom of driveway and water running past sewer drain, not into it due to slope
  • 127 Central Street West Boylston, Massachusetts - West Boylston
    We have been trying for 3 years to correct the problem caused from the storm drain from the ball field dumping water into our front property. There is also an issue with the street collapsing next to the storm drain. This issue is causing a marsh area and a major mosquito problem. It is unlawful for the city to cause damage to my property, I have given 3 years for this to be addressed which is more than enough time. Please address this problem.
  • Western Ave West Boylston, Massachusetts - West Boylston
    Water in street is not draining properly. After a rainstorm or snow melting street has a large amount of water not draining. Need someone to come out after a rainstorm to or melting of snow to view issue. Any help would be appreciated.