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Hattiesburg Police Dept.
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  • Hardy Street - Hattiesburg
    Hattiesburg American's fix it feature
    The parking lot of University Mall shopping center is one of the worst kept paved areas in town. Why do the merchants tolerate this? Huge holes, big chunks of paving gone. This is the same parking lot of restaurants where patrons have to dodge this mess. Very discouraging to business.
  • 4400 Hardy St Hattiesburg, MS 39402, USA - Hattiesburg
    Getting onto 98 from 59 is horrible. It is hard to merge into traffic and some people just stop and sit there and traffic backs out onto the interstate, especially during 5o'clock traffic. Put a light there so that people who need to get all the way over to OG road can do so
  • Hardy And 25north And 25south. - Hattiesburg
    People cannot read and turn left onto Hardy from North or South 25th. Need white traffic blockers like in front of USM and 49N/S. Wait till CVS opens, traffic disaster.
  • 6000-6022 U.S. 98 Hattiesburg, MS 39402, USA - Hattiesburg
    How many times do you cars running a red light? I see this everyday with every red light I have to stop at on HWY 98W. These people are in such a hurry they will not stop turning or going when the light turns red. Hattiesburg Police need to monitor these lights and start giving out tickets because these people obviously do not care if they cause an accident and I have seen so many close calls!
  • 4142 Lincoln Rd Hattiesburg, MS 39402, USA - Hattiesburg
    Create an exit off I-59 at Lincoln Road so that Oak Grove residents avoid getting off on Hwy 98 W and going across lanes to get on Oak Grove Road!
  • 133-289 Westover Dr Hattiesburg, MS 39402, USA - Hattiesburg

    Need two left turn lanes on southbound Westover. Traffic backs up for all lanes due to the long line for left-turners, making it difficult for vehicles to exit business on Westover.

    Those making a left turn may have to wait for 3 light cycles before they can turn.

  • Hardy Street From Highway 49 To 21st Avenue. - Hattiesburg
    The Hattiesburg American has previously reported that Hardy Street between Highway 49 and 21st Avenue would be repaved this year. What happened? Is this going to ever take place? Also, I strongly encourage city planners to prevent east-bound, Hardy Street traffic from turning north onto 25th Avenue. Surely they can do what they did on the west side of 49 to the east side. All of east-bound traffic gets tied up in the left lane during heavy traffic periods due to northward turning cars onto 25th from Hardy.
  • 6004 Us Highway 98 Hattiesburg MS 39402 - Hattiesburg
    Switch the lights on the wires at weathersby and 98 for the northbound lanes from lowes onto 98(Hardy). This would create the opportunity for 2 turning lanes. the lights are already sinc that way anyways, it would move more traffic causing less backup toward lowes entrance for the turning vehicles
  • Hwy 49 - Hattiesburg
    Hattiesburg American's fix it feature
  • 3131-3401 W 7th St Hattiesburg, MS 39401, USA - Hattiesburg
    Horrible potholes in front of Hillcrest Cemetery, and most all of 7th St. needs to be re-paved.
  • Campbell Dr Hattiesburg, MS 39401, USA - Hattiesburg
    Hattiesburg American's fix it feature. Between Hudson's distribution center and the back of the old movie theatre are huge pot holes in both lanes that areimpossible to dodge. I fear that someone will hit the pot hole and have a blow out and smack into the river that runs along this street. These potholes are very very dangerous and should be fixed.
  • Speeding Archived
    Lincoln Rd Hattiesburg, MS 39402, USA - Hattiesburg
    Is Lincoln Road a Raceway?