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  • 3400-3498 8th Street Northeast Washington, District of Columbia - Edgewood

    This issue is regarding the parking signs on the west side of 8th street near the intersection with Monroe St. The issue is that there are two No Parking signs. The one closest to the intersection indicates "No Parking ----->" (no parking from sign to the intersection).

    There is a second sign just 10 yards away that says "No Parking " (no parking in either direction).

    So the problem is that it is not clear where EXACTLY it is OK to park.

    My opinion is that the street there is too narrow to allow parking as well as the on-street MBT. I think that narrow section of 8th should have NO PARKING on it.

    My suggestion is to fix the sign near the intersection so it says No Parking so everybody knows you can't park on this block. This would make it safer for cyclists and motorists turning onto 8th from Monroe.

  • 715 Hamlin St Ne Washington, DC 20017, USA - Edgewood
    Sidewalk in front of 715 Hamlin Street is broken up and needs to be repaired. There are many pedestrians that use this sidewalk as there is a school at the end of the street.
  • 2862 Edgewood Street Northeast Washington, District of Columbia - Edgewood
    At Franklin St, the Met Branch Trail ends at 8th st. with a crosswalk that leads to a ramp up to Franklyn St. NE The ramp is closed to traffic and blocked by a concrete barrier. Despite these barriers, dozens of commuters come this way each day, but squeeze through the sides of the barriers around glass and trash. Replacing the barriers with a planter would make a huge difference and increase MBT connections across the Franklin St. bridge.
  • 2920 8th St Ne Washington, DC 20017, USA - Edgewood
    I mean... fifty tires. Seriously.
  • 2800 8th Street Northeast Washington, DC 20017, USA - Edgewood
    This dumping occurs in the alley parallel to 7th and 8th streets NE. Behind 2817 7th Street NE
  • Sign New Archived
    3401-3499 8th Street Northeast Washington, D.C., DC 20017, USA - Edgewood
    newly painted bike lanes on Monroe street bridge at 8th street need Bo parking signs. people routinely park here, forcing bicyclists to move into the traffic labe where cars often drive quickly up into the blind hill. there needs to be an indication that this is. not OK. MBT TrailRanger GH
  • 2900 8th Street Northeast Washington, DC 20017, USA - Edgewood
    This is a constant issue that occurs at least once/week. It seems it would be in the city's best interest to determine the source of the problem rather than sending out a clean-up crew multiple times a month.
  • 801-899 Hamlin Street Northeast Washington, DC 20017, USA - Edgewood
    Cars race down 8th st NE. There is a crossing guard sometimes, but not for early drops or late pick ups.
  • 2801-2861 Edgewood St Ne Washington, DC 20017, USA - Edgewood
    Graffiti on the sidewalk under the Franklin St overpass at the intersection of Edgewood St Ne and 8th st ne along side the Metropolitan Branch Trail. Is this enough information for you to locate this. DC 311 app has been reporting the incorrect address to DC offices. Even though the app reports the correct locations based on the phones GPS.
  • 2864-2998 Edgewood St Ne Washington, District of Columbia - Edgewood
    I know the owner and he is unaware of this occurring as it goes on at night. Please ticket and tow. Squatter is in the van and has threatened local bikers.
  • 3400-3498 8th Street Northeast Washington, District of Columbia - Edgewood

    there are a lot of parking signs on this block. most of them say No Parking but one says No Parking ---> which makes it seem like you an park to the left of the sign. However to the left there are signs saying No Parking
    Very confusing. Please take a look and make sure these signs make sense. Personally i think there should not be parking on 8th near Monroe NE since the road is narrow and it is the entrance to the MBT.

    the included photo highlights the areas where there are parking signs.

  • Hamlin And 8th Ave Ne DC, DC - Edgewood
    There is an abandoned U-Haul with a broken window and graffiti tags on 8th St NE. It has been in this spot for 3 weeks, but has been a problem in the neighborhood for over a year. There is an elementary school across the street, and the van is occupying valuable parking space for parents, teachers, and residents. It is also an eyesore and has Virginia plates.