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  • Parkside And Depew Buffalo, NY - North Park

    From NPCA: [W]hat do we do to even begin addressing the complete disaster that is the Parkside/Linden/Depew intersection?? That is the gateway between the Parkside and North Park neighborhoods, yet it is a pedestrian AND driver's nightmare.

    For drivers, there are no lines in the road as drivers treat Parkside as 4 lanes, even though it immediately cuts back down to 2. Only 1 small "road narrows" sign is hung in an inconspicuous spot with no street markings. There are no turning lanes or arrows on Parkside which backs up traffic and creates speed jockeys to get around turners.

    For pedestrians there are no curb cuts, no crossing lights, completely warn away "crosswalk" paint, road medians that protrude into the middle of the crosswalks with no cut outs, and that's all if you can make it across since the lights are not even timed long enough to navigate the expansive intersection.

    Once you get past those landmines as a pedestrian, and you actually make it to the bridge underpass, you are greeted with low hanging, unkempt tree limbs and a leaking bridge from above and muddy, poorly drained sidewalks below. A sidewalk that is barely wide enough for one person let alone 2 or with a stroller. Then at the point you meet someone coming the opposite direction you are either forced down the 8" curb into oncoming traffic, or someone has to completely wait at the top for the other to pass. That doesn't even include the issues encountered when trying to walk the underpass in the winter when the city hopefully carves a 2.5ft path in the snow to "walk" down.

  • Vandalism Archived
    Traymore And Hertel Buffalo, NY - North Park

    From NPCA: Yesterday walking down Hertel between Traymore and Linden all the shops had nice flower planters out in front of their stores. It looked really nice for the neighborhood. Now this am someone took the liberty of dumping them out on to the sidewalk. Such a sad sight to see.