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  • 4103 84th Avenue Edmonton, AB - Edmonton
    The road from 34th street up past 41 avenue is nothing but one pothole after another. Trying to avoid them is impossible. Why isn't the road just paved instead of leaving it as gravel and grading it every so often. The grading doesn't last long especially since we are getting the freeze and thaw affect right now
  • 4053 92 Street Northwest Edmonton, AB - Edmonton
    Numerous potholes. Bus route plus heavy trucks are leaving 1-2 foot deep holes. Cannot drive anymore either way. One side of the street barely passable.
  • 137 Avenue & St. Albert Trail Edmonton, AB - Edmonton

    Westbound intersection filled with potholes. Also, just passed St. Albert Trail (westbound) there is a large pothole in the left-hand lane.

    Aug 16/11-the person who posted this pothole is no longer with our company. Pls do not send any e-mails to the address noted below. Thx

  • Sherwood Park Fwy Nw Edmonton, AB T6B 1E6, Canada - Edmonton
    Not only do we have to deal with the constant water on the freeway in this area, we now have to dodge potholes at 80km/h through our wet windshields.
  • 5624 Terrace Rd Nw Edmonton, AB T6A, Canada - Edmonton
    Where 101 Ave meets the street coming out of the Capilano Mall parking lot there are several large potholes causing major damage to vehicles at that intersection.
  • huge pot hole Archived
    10904-11060 174 St Nw Edmonton, AB T5S 0A8, Canada - Edmonton
  • 50 Street And Ellerslie Edmonton, AB - Edmonton
    This intersection is in bad shape. Lots of potholes.
  • Whitemud Dr Edmonton, AB T6H, Canada - Edmonton
    Probably a block all the way up to the 53 ave exit ramp on your right hand side, the lane is riddled with potholes both big and small.
  • 14123 23 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB T6R 0G4, Canada - Edmonton
  • 66 St. And 34 Ave Edmonton, AB - Edmonton
  • Whitemud Dr Edmonton, AB T5T, Canada - Edmonton
    Multiple pot holes on the turn lane from Guardian Rd NB onto Whitemud DR EB
  • 6425-6475 28 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB T6K 4E8, Canada - Edmonton
    From 66 Street to Hewes Way is one continous pothole.