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Campbell public works department

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  • 1080 Wekiva Ave Campbell, CA - Campbell

    UPDATE ~ You guys are GREAT!!! It's all fixed and ready to go just hours after reporting it! The city gentlemen that came out were very nice and professional. Thanks again for being on top of this, especially since it's the only street light on the entire street. And now it's good to go! Very cool...... KB

    Good Morning..... Please fix the bulb in the street light in front of 1080 Wekiva Ave (PGE Pole #3985). Most of the time it is completely out or occassionally it will come on but then it rapidly flickers on/off/on/off. Whatever you can do to fix the light would be much appreciated. Thanks! Kim Barber

  • 780 W Hamilton Ave Campbell, California - Campbell
    abandened matress
  • 209 Railway Ave Campbell, CA 95008, USA - Campbell
    Following a week long "yard sale," there is now a pile of "free stuff" in the front yard. Is this a residence or a business?
  • 837 Springfield Dr Campbell, CA - Campbell
    Seen this house seemingly abandoned for a couple years and it's an eye sore. The picture is a little dated and the bushes leading up to the house are even more overrun which to me is an invitation for squatters and undesired activity.
  • 136 Gilman Ave Campbell, CA 95008, USA - Campbell
    Did the city really approve of a biodiesel filling station 100 feet from the creek?
  • 1651 W. Campbell Ave Campbell, California - Campbell
    This is a Japanese restaurant named Furusato. The landscaping has been kept in poor condition for many years, specifically the landscaping facing La Pradera Drive. Part of the landscaping has three tall palm trees with dead fronds. I believe the dead fronds pose a safety hazard. Not only can rodents nest in the dead fronds, the tree facing La Pradera Drive has a parking lot light fixture rubbing up against the dead fronds. If the fixture was to overheat, I’m concerned a fire could result. This eyesore has been an ongoing issue for way to long. Additionally, the restaurant employees use residential street La Pradera Drive as an employee parking lot while working, this has also been an issue for years.
  • 209 Railway Ave Campbell, CA 95008, USA - Campbell
    All around the building (zoned as commercial, but used as residential), there are piles of junk - old couches, desks, bicycles, etc.
  • 180 Dillon Ave Campbell, CA 95008, USA - Campbell
    A picture is worth 1000 words
  • Garbage Archived
    488 Sam Cava Ln Campbell, CA 95008, USA - Campbell
    A refrigerator/freezer along with random garbage has been lying in the front yard for several days now.
  • 750 798 E Hamilton Ave San Jose, CA 95128, USA - Campbell
    There is a bunch of fairly new graffiti on the south-east wall when getting on 17N when going east on hamilton.
  • Large Pothole Archived
    California 17 & West Valley Freeway Los Gatos, CA - Campbell
    There's large pothole in the right lane on-ramp to HWY 85 S.
  • 983 Whitehall Ave San Jose, CA - Campbell
    Reported from my mobile device