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  • 341 Oak Street Wisconsin Rapids, WI - Wisconsin Rapids
    Regional transit operations between Wisconsin Rapids, Stevens Point and Wausau are being looked into, but we still need local public transit. Could start small with two buses even. Just something so that people don't have to drive everywhere. I have heard this request from many people in the community, and Clean Green Wisconsin Rapids is looking at it, but we need broad support and planning on this.
  • 1751 West Grand Ave - Wisconsin Rapids
    This person is collecting free items and selling them out of her garage located at 1751 West Grand Ave, which she named "The Garage" and is running it as a business. I was just wanting to make sure this was allowed.
  • Streets Archived
    1540 Apricot Street Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin - Wisconsin Rapids
    Resident driving dump truck on city streets and parking it at home. Street is getting torn up and sinking where he cranks the steering wheel to back in along side of his garage. The street has a 10,000 lb. weight limit and the truck is around 28,000 lbs.
  • 2923 George Road Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin - Wisconsin Rapids
    Can smell dog food plant smell in residential area should be fined according to city ordnance
  • Animals Archived
    411 10th St N Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin - Wisconsin Rapids
    3 shepherds and 1 yorkie.. No animals are fixed and now breeding
  • 1751 W. Grand Ave Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin - Wisconsin Rapids
    resident continues to have garage sales and makes statements in social media disrespecting Wisconsin Rapids authorities.
  • Streets Archived
    1730 1st Street North Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494, USA - Wisconsin Rapids
    There is a section of curb missing. This is a tripping hazard between 1711 and 1721 2 ms street north
  • 711 Baker Street Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin - Wisconsin Rapids
    This is no longer a house, it's a cliche. We just noticed a band of feral cats living in a hole in the wall again (see one in photo). We can hear them fighting and hunting around our property. Note the large pieces of aluminum fascia falling off as well as general crumbling of the building. Noted as well they are using OSB as siding in places near windows. No one has lived in the house in many years. Furthermore, after every windstorm there is literally debris from this house in the neighbors yards, creating a hazard when mowing. I recently had several 6x6 chunks of rotten shingles and last summer had a large piece of what was the rooftop antenna. This is a unfortunate situation at this property that seems to be quickly deteriorating.
  • 411 10th St N Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin - Wisconsin Rapids
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  • Yard Archived
    901-999 5th Street South Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494, USA - Wisconsin Rapids
  • Yard Archived
    1511 Norton St. Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin - Wisconsin Rapids
    Yard is littered with Vehicles , trailors and everything else that can stored in a garage . Also area is used as a ATV track with ATVs running at all hours of the day / night .
  • 1001-1099 Highway 73 Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin - Wisconsin Rapids
    Pedestrian crosswalk on W Grand ave and 8th Street S. should have crosswalk stop and go lights saw this in FL and works really well and will make cars stop for Pedestrians in these areas where cars don't seem to stop