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  • Brookmeadow Lane Grafton, Massachusetts - Grafton

    I know this neighborhood was spotless as we just cleaned it for Grafton Cleanup day. Now there is recycling material all over the roads. I counted 14 pieces of paper, bottles, etc.

    At what point do we review Harvey and the subpar performance? We outsource to them to pick up recycling, not most of the recycling.

    This town is an embarrassing dump when it comes to the litter on our roads. We need corrective action plans.

    I would like a meeting with the Town Administrator on how we can get plans in place.

  • 48 North Main Street Grafton, Massachusetts - Grafton
    Timing of the traffic light has changed recently. Driving up to Rt 140 from Tufts there is now a very long line of traffic sometimes backed up beyond the cemetery. While waiting in line I timed the signals and Rt 30 has the red for 2 + minutes and then green for 15 seconds followed by East st. for about 10 seconds and back to red. This is happening shortly after 4PM week days and I can only imagine what it is like later with more traffic. It is also a safety issue as impatient drivers are cutting through the parking lot across from St. Mary's and using side streets to get towards the center of town.
  • Pothole Archived
    Route 30 West & Willard St Grafton, Massachusetts - Grafton
    Very deep dip in the road
  • 2 Waterville Street Grafton, Massachusetts - Grafton
    The RR Track Crossing at Rte 30 (Waterville Street) near Rte 140 (North Main Street) heading towards Westborough is causing cars to bottom out - needs attention.
  • Pothole Archived
    George Hill Road Grafton, Massachusetts - Grafton
    Could you please take a look at George Hill Road. The road has a lot of bumps and divots along the entire road for wear and tear. It looks like it could be resurfaced.
  • 01519 Grafton, MA, USA - Grafton

    The town's management of SeeClickFix is a failure and a waste of taxpayer dollars. There are currently 159 open issues with
    another 100 of them not even acknowledged. Some issues have been open for over a year. Since the software implementation, the town only has an 82% closure rate with many of the issues being passed on (It's not our responsibility - It's the state, the utility, etc.).

    Let's please add this to an upcoming BoS meeting so that a discussion can be had on how to drastically improve this. We need better accountability, training, and support by/for town staff.

  • 66-70 Providence Road Grafton, Massachusetts - Grafton
    Millbury St traffic signals are flashing.
  • 2 Institute Road Grafton Massachusetts - Grafton
  • 7 Wesson Street Grafton, Massachusetts - Grafton
    Please help prevent more damage to the residents of Grafton automobiles.
  • Pothole Archived
    4 Institute Rd North Grafton, Massachusetts - Grafton
    The part of the Institute Rd between 2 and 17 is full of large potholes. Cars takes the opposite side of the road to avoid them. This is not safe, because the road is sloppy and curved with hidden driveways and low visibility during rain or snow. All patches made this spring came off with the last snow melt and the road is full of holes again.
  • Pothole Archived
    34 George Hill Rd Grafton, MA, 01519, USA - Grafton
    It appears that during the winter months plowt truck took chunks out of the edge of my driveway where it meets the road. This was not like this before winter started and I just noticed it once all the snow melted. Could you please have someone come by and patch this
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    212 Brigham Hill Road Grafton, Massachusetts - Grafton
    I would like to know if a cruiser can be stationed at the corner of Kay Street & Brigham Hill Road once in a while to stop speeders & litter bugs in this area. It is a constant problem for residents backing out of their driveways and speeders coming over the bridge. We have had many episodes of tailgating & most recently an instance of almost being pushed off the road because of an inpatient driver not wanting to slow down. It is very unpleasant to experience this on an almost daily basis.