Springfield, VA

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Central Springfield, Virginia

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  • 6704 Metropolitan Center Dr Springfield, VA - Springfield
    1) Cars illegally blocking the fire lane. 2) At side lot, cars park with empty unpaid meters; same cars morning and night. 3) At kiss and ride, cars "triple" park blocking traffic while others honk their horns to get out. 4) Cars drive through stop sign for crosswalk with pedestrians present. 5) Traffic accident outside front of parking garage took police 45 minutes to show up.
  • Frontier Dr Springfield, VA - Springfield
    For the entire area around the Franconia-Springfield Metro and the Springfield Mall. The Pedestrian Crosswalk lines are faded to almost non-existent and the road lines are dull as well.
  • 6770 Frontier Dr Springfield, VA - Springfield
    Cars waiting at the kiss and ride section wait further up near the lot and are blocking one of the 2 traffic lanes. Need more security to tell them to move (like an airport) or encourage people to go by the meters for 5 minutes!
  • Commerce St Springfield, VA - Springfield
    Sidewalk on bridge where it crosses 495/359N ramp needs a more visible crosswalk with more signage to warn drivers. This is a dangerous crossing for bicyclist and pedestrians, but the only crossing available for many miles. This bridge is the single access point for pedestrians (bicycle/running/walking) to gain access to the other side of 95, and it has poor pedestrian facilities. All bridges South of here have no pedestrian access to the other side of 95 (bridges include Franconia Rd, Franconia Springfield Pkwy, and Fairfax County Pkwy), each has a sidewalk which stops just before each bridge.
  • 6770 Frontier Dr Springfield, VA - Springfield
    Springfield Metro does not ticket those parked in empty/expired meters in the open parking lot. As I drive by the lot see the same cars morning and evening, meters empty.
  • 6880 Frontier Dr Springfield, VA - Springfield
    For many months, many of the lights on the top level of the Franconia-Springfield Metro station parking lot have been out. I've sent several emails to WMATA - the lights are still out. It is VERY dark in the evening walking to my car - difficult to see the ground. Not sure about my safety, either.
  • 6225 Backlick Rd Springfield, VA - Springfield
    Large crowd of hispanic men loitering in the parking lot for day jobs. They run up to cars pulling in to the parking lot and almost assault you when you exit the car, trying to see if you will hire them or give them money! It is frightening and intimidating. Many people have stopped shopping at this 7-11 because of it.
  • 6514 Franconia Rd. Springfield, VA - Springfield
    VDOT message sign is obscured by trees from anywhere in the right lane of westbound Franconia Rd. near Springfield Mall. This is the primary lane to go onto I-95.
  • Frontier Dr Springfield, VA - Springfield
    The ramp turning left from Frontier Dr onto the Franconia Springfield Pkwy is littered with potholes - some severe. THese should be repaired before winter hits, again.
  • Metropolitan Center Dr Springfield, VA - Springfield
    Springfield Metro fails to show when next train will be arriving; it only displays when current train will be leaving. When the trains are severely delay there is no information.
    During the last snow fall waited over 30 minutes during rush hour for the train to show. There was no notice, not even an announcement that there was a huge delay.
  • 95n Franconia/Springfield Exit Springfield, VA - Springfield

    UPDATE: These pits have been patched, but it has created the opposite problem -- the patches are higher than the road, so it's still an incredibly rough ride. This exit needs to be completely milled and repaved.

    The Franconia/Springfield exit off 95 North is in terrible condition. There are big pits and humps along the entire width and most of the length of the long ramp. It's impossible to avoid the damaged pavement, so it's a jarring ride and hard on the alignment. The ramp's been in this rotten condition for years.

  • Frontier Blvd Springfield, VA - Springfield
    Metro has now begun to charge customers an exit fare if they decide to exit the train platform after entering. Today there was a major train malfunction on the blue line at Farragut West with major delays and I was charged to exit the platform to avoid the delay due to Metro's mechanical failure. I complained to the station manager at the Franconia Springfield Metro station, but he was unsympathetic. I think it is unfair for WMATA to charge customers for its poor maintenance and service record and I encourage all Washington, DC patrons to object to WMATA's practice otherwise they will never improve there service record if thay are permitted to charge for their poor service.