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  • Traffic Signals Acknowledged
    8959 Wasatch Boulevard East Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Cottonwood Heights
    At this new intersection, when turning left (northbound) off of Wasatch with the green left arrow, the cars coming down off of Little Cottonwood Canyon Road also have a green light and are traveling very fast and not yielding to the cars with the left turn arrow. I have seen two near accidents where the individual with the green arrow had to swerve into the oncoming traffic lane to avoid being hit by a vehicle coming out of the canyon and did not yield to the cars with the arrow.
  • 8959 Wasatch Boulevard East Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Cottonwood Heights
    The new high-T intersection at Wasatch Blvd and Little Cottonwood Canyon Rd is dangerous and definitely not an improvement. I have seen several accidents already in the few months since it was completed and almost been hit by cars turning left onto Danish Rd across southbound traffic on Wasatch. Neither cars can see each other due to the dip in the road. The lack of a traffic light for northbound traffic from Little Cottonwood Canyon makes it extremely difficult and dangerous to get in and out of the Golden Hills neighborhood. This intersection should have been a roundabout, not the mess that has been created. What engineer designed this?
  • DANGEROUS Archived
    Ut-210 Salt Lake City, UT, 84121, USA - Cottonwood Heights

    Stop "FIXING" this area of Wasatch with worse ideas. You now want me to pull out of my neighborhood across two lanes of traffic, while cars are coming down the canyon at 50MPH!? Get real! I hope there is a lawsuit against UDOT the first time someone gets t-boned and killed here.

    SLOW DOWN WASATCH TRAFFIC! It's 35 mph all throughout Sandy. Why the need for 50 mph throughout Cottonwood Heights?

    How about you show some care for residents, we're your neighbors you know.

  • Signage Archived
    3200 East Little Cottonwood Road Sandy, Utah - Salt Lake County
    This relates to the newly-placed "Speed Strobes" on Little Cottonwood Road. The Westbound Strobe west of Grandview is fine. The eastbound strobe @ Quail Hollow should be in the area of 3500-3200 east as Westbound traffic accelerates from the Wasatch/Little Cottonwood Road intersection with a downhill grade, resulting in excessive speed.
    In addition, the speed limit in this area should be 35, not 40. as it is a residential street.
    Thank you.
  • 1976-1984 9400 South Sandy, Utah - Sandy
    Why is the solid line between the 2 eastbound lanes solid for such a long length? I was planning to turn left on Highland, and waiting for traffic to clear on my left, and the solid line must have been at least 200 ft back from the intersection!
  • 1955 Brandon Pk. Wy. SLC, Utah - Sandy
    The left turn arrow light on State St. and 10200 S is now a red light, when it turns green , it lasts only 12 seconds. There is a sign right next to the left turn light which says " Left turn on flashing yellow", which is how it was until 3 or 4 months ago.
  • 9426 S 3030 E Sandy, UT 84092, USA - Sandy

    Southbound, the road goes from two lanes to one after the traffic light.

    Often, traffic in the right lane tries to beat the left. a simple solution would be to make the right lane turn right only.

  • 8740 South 1700 East Sandy, Utah - Salt Lake County
    Drivers driving southbound on 1700 East, between 8600 South and Silver Mesa Elementary School at 8900 South, travel way too fast. I'm very concerned about the children walking to school in the mornings and afternoons. Last summer the county did a great job on putting in sidewalks on the west side of 1700 East, but it seems to have increased traffic speed. (1700 East is a boarder between the County Island, West of 1700 East, and Sandy City East of 1700 East). The Sandy Hills Community Council has done a great job placing a mobile traffic speed sign in the area, but after it's gone, traffic speeds back up. I propose that a permanent, solar powered, flashing radar speed sign (or two) be placed on the West side of 1700 East, to help remind traffic of the speed limit.
  • Camera Outage Archived
    3323-3329 S Little Cottonwood Rd Sandy, UT, 84092, USA - Salt Lake County
    The traffic camera in the photo has not been working for at least a week.
  • I-215 Northbound Just South Of I-80 Interchange. SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah - Sandy
    Several months ago I submitted a post on a deer carcass just at the end of the on-ramp from 3800 S heading northbound on I-215, just south of the I-215 and I-80 interchange. I understand that you cancelled the post, making me believe that DOT had picked up the carcass. However, it is still there, pushed to the side by a snowplow.
  • Ut-210 Salt Lake City, UT, 84121, USA - Cottonwood Heights
    Unsafe egress and ingress due to high speed, high traffic, and poor visibility when exiting the neighborhood with total absence of any traffic calming, signals, or other safety measures.
    ADA compliant ramps on sidewalks that lead to nothing other than the traffic lane with cars at 50 mph.
  • S Little Cottonwood Rd & S Wasatch Blvd Sandy, UT, 84092, USA - Granite
    This signal has ridiculously long delays to switch for east/west-bound traffic. This evening I waited for 60 seconds for it to turn green after stopping. During that whole time there was NO traffic along Wasatch Blvd.