UVM Central Campus Construction

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UVM Central Campus Construction

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    63 Carrigan Drive Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    An individual was injured when they brushed up against the edge of a lamppost at the south-east corner of Carrigan Dr and Beaumont St intersection leading to the Medical Center. There is a significant, sharp, rough, edge of metal near the base of the lamppost (see photos). The resulting gash on the leg required a trip to the Emergency Department.
    The lamppost is pole #11082 and I was told the black poles are owned by the City of Burlington and Green Poles are owned by UVM, so I think this pole is owned by the City of Burlington.
  • 72 University Place Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    The crosswalk does not have no parking signs near it and people park on top of the crosswalk or right up to it making it a hazard for someone trying to cross here. They need to step out from between parked cars onto a road that often has speeders going 40mph +. Consider a bump out or at minimum no parking for some distance on either side to allow proper sight lines.
  • 26 University Place Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    This intersection should be converted to a single crosswalk and have the sidewalk extended in the area between the two current crosswalks where it is missing. The second crosswalk is dangerous. It has cars parking right to the edge so a pedestrian is hidden behind parked cars until they are in the roadway. Cars are not expecting a pedestrian 50 feet back from an intersection so cars turning onto University Place have a hard time seeing pedestrians back from the intersection. This would be much safer and intuitive to convert to a single crosswalk at the intersection and to add a few feet of sidewalk to connect to existing paths.
  • Carrigan Drive Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    centennial court apartments, along carrigan drive: evidence of herbicide application along curb, around light poles and residential structures without notice being given to public or residents
  • University Place Burlington, VT - Burlington Electric
    University Place on UVM is almost impossible to ride on a road bike without being a danger to other road users.
  • Carrigan Drive Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Street sweeping needed
  • 17 Colchester Ave Burlington 05405, United States - Burlington Electric
    Empty sign post in greenbelt for eastbound traffic before intersection.
  • Morrill Hall 146 University Place, Burlington, VT 05403, United States of America - Burlington Electric

    Pedestrian crossing button out-of-order.

    You folks obviously know about this problem as the crossing light is now on a timed schedule, but that results in stopping traffic unnecessarily.

  • Carrigan Dr Burlington, VT, 05405, USA - Burlington Electric
    Could the traffic that comes out of Carrigan Drive have a left turn green light 24/7/365. At times you have to sit through 2 to 4 lights to turn left.
  • Sidewalk Acknowledged
    In Front Of The Fleming Museum Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    There are several very deep (around 6") gaps in that go across the middle of the sidewalk. They look like they could do some damage if someone didn't see them.
  • Carrigan Dr Burlington, VT, 05405, USA - Burlington Electric
    Carrigan at Beaumont - Traffic light is not changing. Resident called to say people are going through the red because it won't change to green.
  • 146 University Pl Burlington, VT, 05405, USA - Burlington Electric
    The pedestrian crossing signal on the north side of main street for pedestrians needing to cross Main St. (near University place) does not work. Button does not light up to indicate that it has been pushed. South side button functions, but pedestrians having to wait TOO LONG to be able to cross. Can the north side be fixed, and the interval shortened for having to wait? Especially as colder weather approaches, pedestrians shouldn't have to wait so long.