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  • 2000 Rhode Island Ave. Ne Washington, District of Columbia - Brookland
    20th Street NE and 22nd Street NE are both too narrow to support two-way traffic. We have witnessed numerous near-accidents as drivers turn onto these streets from Rhode Island Ave., nearly hitting cars who are pointed southbound about to turn onto Rhode Island. This is because cars park on both sides of the streets, and the streets allow for two-way traffic, essentially cramping 4 lanes into a space barely big enough for 3. It seems like a simple solution would be EITHER to make 20th St. NE a one-way going north, and 22nd St. a one-way going south (or vice versa), OR to eliminate parking on one side of the streets. That area has plenty of street parking as it is. As a Brookland resident, I think this problem should be fixed ASAP to help reduce injuries and accidents in this area.
  • 2600 Blk 10th St Ne (Rear) Washington, DC - Brookland
    The alley between the 2600 block of Reed St NE and the 2600 block of 10th St NE has become a dumping ground for anything people don't care to dispose of properly, particularly around the rear entrance to the warehouse that belongs to an auto shop that faces Reed St. Items dumped in this area have included bicycle tires, furniture, fluorescent light tubes, empty beer bottles/cans, a segment of a brick column, and even an oversized tree trunk.
  • 3300 18th St Ne Washington, DC 20018, USA - Brookland
    i live in front of the intersection of 18th and Kearney and constantly see people blow through the intersection on 18th and not slow down much less stop. This is a 4 way stop and I think something needs to be done. Also people speed on this stretch of 18th and I have witnessed numerous bad accidents, including one recently at 18th and Lawrence that involved an MPD car.
  • 12th Street Ne Between Otis And Perry Washington D.C., DC - Brookland
    Why are there parking meters here? Now i can't park within 3 blocks of my house, in Brookland, where street parking was plenty. Instead out of state people park in zone 5 parking and now i have to park far away. they even meter on weekends. why? the only business on that block has their own parking lot.
  • 993 Michigan Ave Ne Washington, DC 20017 - Brookland

    A car said to be going 60-70MPH got into an accident here yesterday, breaking a tree in half, and an hour later, a tanker truck full of natural gas nearly hit a live downed power wire broken off by the first guy.

    The speed limit here is 25MPH. People drive like wingnuts on the Michigan Ave bridge over the train tracks.

    It's impossible to cross Michigan Ave by foot or by car with cars whizzing by at 50MPH. Visibility's very low and accident rates very high.

    Let's get a speed camera.

  • 3320 South Dakota Ave Ne Washington, DC 20018, USA - Brookland
    Less than 24 hours signs were removed and been reported. PLEASE FINE THEAE GUYS FOR EACH OF THE 24 posters they keep putting ip
  • Street Trash Archived
    12th Street Ne Monroe Street NE, Washington, DC - Brookland
    As a Brookland resident and an advocate for DC and all the great things the city has to offer, it is embarrassing to walk with my family through Brookland's "main street" (12th St NE) and see all the trash, discarded cans, bottles everywhere. Commercial businesses along 12 St NE as well as semi-permanent vendors like City Bikes and others should be held accountable for cleaning up their premises and locations. Metro has a responsibility as well to clean up around their area. It seems that the city nor the commercial property owners are doing anything about the trash problem. Brookland residents are keeping up their properties and should not have to constantly pick and up around commercial business. I wish the city had the same sense of responsibility to enforce clean up initiatives for commercial business owners. LOCATION-all along 12th St NE, between Michigan Ave. and Monroe St. NE, down Monroe St. NE, over bridge towards Michigan Ave.
  • 1345 Perry St Ne Washington, DC 20017 - Brookland

    The decrepit Fort Bunker Hill Park is surrounded with rusting signs that say "No Parking Sundays - Sightseeing Stop."

    I have never seen anybody sight-see at this park, owing at least in part to its utter lack of placards, fortliness, or even walking paths. They even re-used old Rock Creek Park signs at this park--there's no tourist attraction value here whatsoever. Fort Bunker Hill Park is a block-sized thicket.

    The No Parking Sundays signs should be removed.

  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    1026-1032 Newton Street Northeast Washington, DC 20017, USA - Brookland
    Serious tripping hazard due to uneven pavers.
  • 3700-3798 Oakview Terrace Ne Washington, District of Columbia - Brookland
    Oakview Terrace is a cul de sac and there has not been any plowing or snow removal. Main streets in the Brookland are have reportably been plowed but this small street has not been touched. There is no street access on or off for emergencies. There is a small school at the end of the block. Residents have done all we can do.
  • 14th Street Ne And Franklin Street Washington, DC - District Of Columbia - Brookland
    The street drain is not working on the SE corner of the intersection of 14th NE and Franklin. The last few times it has rained, there has been a huge puddle there. Since there's a lot of rain predicted this coming week, I wanted to make sure to report it so the street can avoid a flood.
  • 930 Michigan Ave Ne Washington, DC 20017, USA - Brookland
    The new curb at Michigan and 10th St does not have a lead-in for bikes, wheelchairs, strollers, etc. We have to veer into the street to get into the sidewalk, which is very dangerous!