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  • Snake Rd & Shepherd Canyon Rd Oakland, CA, 94611, USA - Shepherd Canyon
    We are in need of better signage during the road work. Drivers are still misunderstanding the detour signs heading east on Snake and driving into oncoming traffic on Shepherd Canyon, rather than taking the detour up the hill on Snake. This could be remedied by either moving the road closed sign to the intersection, or adding a DO NOT enter sign at the Shepherd Canyon. Extremely dangerous conditions persist.
  • Pothole Archived
    6916 Shepherd Canyon Rd Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Shepherd Canyon
    Now there are two potholes and it is really bad!
  • Pothole Archived
    7875 Skyline Boulevard Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Shepherd Canyon
    This monster pothole on skyline has been there for months and just keeps getting bigger and it's right in the northbound path of many cyclists who frequent this route.
  • Pothole Archived
    2405 Manzanita Dr Oakland, California - Shepherd Canyon
    Fairly large pothole
  • 2240 Mountain Blvd Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Shepherd Canyon
    trash on scout near mountain
  • 6555 Montclair Railroad Trail Oakland, California - Shepherd Canyon
    This pile of cut trees has been at this site for months and is dried up and a fire hazard. Can someone remove it?
  • 2220 Mountain Blvd Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Shepherd Canyon
    Boxes in creek, address on boxes is 75301 Winton, Hayward. I have photo of label.
  • 2395 Mountain Blvd Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Shepherd Canyon
    Shopping cart and trash
  • 7260 Sayre Dr. Oakland, California - Shepherd Canyon
    The area behind our house has become a dumping ground. There are numerous fire hazards, a broken down car, a couch, plastic containers, WM trash cans filled with debris, logs, a rusted metal barrel, gas powered lawnmowers (unsure if functional or not). There are also other vehicles parked nearby that have not been moved for over a year, including a truck filled with dried up landscaping debris.
  • 5451 Park Boulevard Oakland, California - Shepherd Canyon
    Two potholes about 4" to 6" deep, 2-3 ft wide close to the median but difficult to avoid running over. Encountered while driving up Park Blvd towards Mountain Blvd.
  • 5965 Bagshotte Dr Oakland Ca - Shepherd Canyon
    We have lived on Bagshotte for over 44 years and have reported this issue numerous times. The giant potholes have now morphed into a huge deep depressions in the road stretching out about 40 feet and covering the width of the road on the lower part of Bagshotte. The upper part near 5812 Bagshotte is also getting bad with the potholes so large they have become huge dips in the road. More cars are using this street now since there is so much tree trimming, sewer work and road maintenance that diverts traffic off the main roads. This is a major hazard to moving vehicles.
  • 2-98 Eastwood Ct Oakland, CA, 94611, USA - Shepherd Canyon
    The rain has caused the entrance to Eastwood Ct. from Shepherd Canyon to partially collapse. The turn onto the street is sharp and delivery trucks' rear wheels often cut it short as seen by the scratches to the asphalt. There's now even less room to negotiate the turn for residents, visitors and service vehicles. Furthermore, the hydrant is now at risk of being knocked over - it was already moved back some years ago because of a few accidents that knocked it over resulting in geysers and fire department response to shut off the water.