Massey Victory Heights

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  • 242 Churchill Ave New Westminster, British Columbia, V3L 4P1, CAN - New Westminster
    shoes on the wires at the lane way on Churchill Avenue. Please have them taken down.
  • Other Archived
    235 Churchill New Westminster British Columbia - New Westminster
  • Potholes Archived
    91 Courtney Cres New Westminster V3L 4M1, Canada - New Westminster
  • 200 Churchill Ave New Westminster, BC V3L 4T5, Canada - New Westminster
  • 228 Churchill Ave New Westminster BC V3L 4N8, Canada - New Westminster
    Owners are leaving dog poop bags at the corner of the grass beside the Westburnco Pump Station. Too lazy to carry it to a garbage. Perhaps a garbage can chained at the fence at that corner will help.
  • 47 Courtney Crescent New Westminster, BC V3L 4M1, Canada - New Westminster
    Some sort of signage is needed here. People drive through the laneway all the time without yielding and vision is limited. This is also a safe walking route for the students of FW Howay school. It is just a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or killed. High collision intersection. Please do something about this.
  • 916 Chilliwack St New Westminster V3L 4V5, Canada - New Westminster
    The concrete at the tennis courts in Westburnco park is degrading and needs maintenance. The sediment that you can see in the picture is slippery when it’s dry and wet. It’s not safe
  • 200 Churchill Ave New Westminster, BC V3L 4T5, Canada - New Westminster
    The fountain is not working. Metro VANCOUVER says it's in the Park that New Westminster is responsible for.
  • 927 Chilliwack St New Westminster V3L 4V6, Canada - New Westminster
    Basketball hoop/net has broken off the backboard as a result of a teen hanging off it. The younger neighborhood kids hope it can be repaired. The group of teens involved are not from the homes directly adjacent to the park.
  • 520 Amess St New Westminster, BC V3L 4A9, Canada - New Westminster
    smoke coming through our windows. eyes are stinging
  • Other Acknowledged
    902 Ladner St New Westminster, BC V3L 4W4, Canada - New Westminster

    When the city replaced the lines/pipes out in front of our house they had to dig a long trench, which they reseeded. The issue is that the grass never grew back properly leaving our's and our neighbors blvd basically bare. It also attracted the crows who tore up some of the lawn. We would like it repaired.


  • City Trees Archived
    235 Churchill Ave New Westminster V3L 4N9, Canada - New Westminster
    Metro Vancouver removed a bunch of trees in Westburnco park. 3 of the replacement trees have died. Can these trees be replaced with more drought tolerant varieties please. Trees that aren’t drought tolerant don’t do well here. With all the rain now is the perfect time to replace them.