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  • I- 64 Newport News, VA - Newport News city
    Interstate 64 from Ft. Eustis Blvd to Jefferson Avenue needs to be widened to 3 or 4 lanes in each direction at least. Traffic backs up there everyday and it's almost as bad as the HRBT in terms of backup distance/time spent sitting.
  • 12482 Warwick Blvd Newport News, VA 23606, USA - Glendale
    When will this area go back to 30 or 35 MPH? Even the school buses roll at about 40 MPH. Since construction seems to be done, for now, why does it remain at 25?
  • Fort Eustis Blvd & Interstate 64 Newport News, VA - Newport News city
    Whenever Ft. Eustis steps up securit checks it causes a backup all the way to I-64 which in turn jams up traffic for miles in both directions on I-64. Surely Ft. Eustis can coordinate with the city of Newport News and/or the VA state police when they feel the need to step up security.
  • 12500 Warwick Blvd - Glendale
    This are has been under construction FOREVER and no one cares about finishing it even remotely close to the deadline which passed November 2009.
  • Panhandlers Archived
    Mercury Blvd And Jefferson Ave Newport News, VA - Newport News city
    They sit in the median during 5oclock traffic. Very dangerous.
  • 11903-12221 Warwick Boulevard Newport News, VA 23601, USA - Newport News city
    The street lights are out. If you are traveling south on Warwick, as you round the corner it's pretty dark. This is an area deer frequent. I've seen multiple hits. I ride a motorcycle and I don't want to hit one. Please light it up... The poles ate there... Turn them on.
  • Jefferson Ave Newport News, VA - Newport News city
    The road marking lines seem faded. at night they are harder to see. perhaps there is some kind of glow in the dark paint the city could paint them with? Perhaps some decals?
  • Main Street And Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia - Newport News city
    It seem one of the visitors that get bussed in decided there wasn't enough benches near the bus stop on Main Street and Warwick Blvd in front of Silveman's Fur for their  use. The public bench to the right of Beecroft and Bull near the building, near the wall, seems to have had its back leg security brackets torn from it, the front two bricks removed from the pavement as they are still attached to the front legs of the bench that is now located next to the corner bench for bus use.  Please put the bench back, secure it, please sent the bill to one of the local tax free organizations that brings this enchanted enjoyment to our neighborhood. While you are at it can they explain how  there is no  correlation between a  clearly intoxicated street "associate" that one can not avoid while walking  and a new iDevice from a well know fruit company hanging from his ear and the ongoing car break-ins in the area where objects like this disappear? Oh, about those benches, when you replace them please add an arm rest in the center of the seat and back to break up a long bench seat as to prevent them from being mistaken for a bed. 
  • 12368 Warwick Blvd Newport News, VA - Glendale
    Solve the bank robberies occurring at Virginia Educators Credit Union
  • Warwick Blvd Newport News, VA - Newport News city
    The road from Oyster Point to Denbigh Blvd has been stripped for about two weeks. I have seen no work being done on the road.
  • 1-21 S Moores Ln Newport News, VA 23606, USA - Newport News city
    As a result of all of the traffice coming/going to CNU plus all of the residents who travel this route, it sometimes becomes impossible to get through the intersection especially when people are turning left onto Shoe Lane.
  • Fort Eustis Boulevard Newport News, Virginia - Newport News city
    Please make this a six lane road. there is not enough road for the volume of cars.