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  • 3929 Wabash Ave Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    Car has been sitting here since new years eve, is there not a 72 hour law that you have to move your car? Illinois plates and renting at 3935 wabash. Do something Hammond.
  • Calumet Avenue And 175th Street Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    TONS of cars making u-turns back onto southbound calumet so they don't have to turn around on a side street when traffic sign CLEARLY states to turn right onto 175th to get onto 80West. Witnessed on SUV almost get plowed into by a utility worker truck.
  • 1 What'S Is Going On. Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    HPD. what is going on with the new dispatchers .i call 911 because the old system as we know it doesn't work that being the non emergency number .what i thought was strange is that she had on clue where i was calling from i had to tell her i was calling from hammond indiana. and also give her the 2 main st near me.i was calling about a strange man canvassing the neighborhood.but what if it was a life threatening emergency and was unable to give a location how will they find me.??? i guess you don't know what you have until its gone.
  • 2130 Wespark Ave Whiting, Indiana - Hammond
    This is spot in front of my house where curb has been missing for several years. Curb is missing in several spots on this block as well as the other two blocks of Wespark. When can we expect the completion of the street lights/sidewalk/curb project that was started and completed on other streets in our immediate neighborhood. These improvements were done several years ago (probably at least 10) on Davis, Stanton, Lake, Superior and Lincoln. Wespark falls in the center of this area between Calumet and Atchison. Why was our street obviously passed over?
  • Trespassing Archived
    Delmar Hammond, IN - Hammond
    Can you tell me who this person may be? We clearly have no trespassing signs and this woman walked right past them to our PRIVATE back yard when no one was there. We are urging neighbors to be on the lookout she has been on our street 2 days in a row at the same time which seems pretty suspicious to me. So whether this is innocent or not she still trespassed! Can we please have extra patrols especially during the day around 130 since that seems to be the time she picks random houses.
  • 3935 Wabash Ave Hammond, IN 46327, USA - Hammond

    Mr McDermott,

    I hope that you look at the complaints of the citizens have posted on here. It is sad when several different people have to complain about an issue that is affecting many people. Littering should not be an offense in the City of Hammond that should be given days weeks months to correct. Our property values are affected by this complete disregard for the code and law. We want and expect our area to be kept neat and orderly. If those that rent here can't comply the City should request an eviction along with heavy fines. We are frustrated and tired of the situation.

  • 630-698 E 116th St Whiting, Indiana - Hammond
    They are rubble! Ruined my tires and are hazardous
  • 7145 Jackson Ave Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    This guy at 7145 Jackson monopolizes street parking with 4-5 cars on the street (in addition to cars he parks in his driveway) every day. None of the neighbors have a spot for visitors because of him.
  • Other Archived
    7518-7530 Calumet Ave Hammond, IN 46324, USA - Hammond
    People are still disregarding the no U-turn sign near the expressway. It is backing up traffic and causing people to have to slam on their brakes.
  • Other Archived
    1608 180th Pl Hammond, IN 46324, USA - Hammond
    New "family" recently moved in to rented house. Apparently, they are modern day gypsies. Since moving in, they've done nothing but cause trouble. Instances of domestic abuse, child abuse, noise issues between 11 pm - 3 am, and garbage littered all over the street. The police have been actively involved, but would like to ask that if you have any problems with this family, please report it to the police!
  • Sign on Pole Archived
    258 173rd St Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    The crossroads of Harrison and 175th have become extremely dangerous. The second house from the corner there has 5 cars apparently they run a day care out of their house as well.. They've always parked on the curb closest to their house but lately they've been parking over the yellow lines which is a huge blind spot for upcoming traffic wanting to turn onto Harrison. Now they're also parking on the opposite side right next to the stop sign. It is absolutely impossible to see anyone coming past their cars. Now making everyone have to go around them just to try and get to the stop sign itself. There has already been 1 accident. Many many close calls with myself. It's like once you turn that corner you pray no one is flying to the stop sign going around there typical parked car. There needs to be a no parking sign from "this distance to the stop sign" on Harrison. It's a very busy street I myself use this street every day to get to and from everywhere. It's unbelievable lately. Please help.
  • Appreciation Archived
    7619 Jarnecke Ave Hammond, Indiana - Hammond
    SCF: As a resident of Hammond, In. for many years. I am astonished by some residents that use this app t o put down our city workers. I have used this app for months now and gotten great results. So grateful to all depts. For thier response. Thank U.