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Town of Stafford

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  • At Intersection Of Murphy And Old Monson Rds - Stafford
    Overgrown, falling apart, close to road.
  • Village Hill Rd Stafford Springs, CT - Stafford Springs
    Running through stop signs
  • W Shore Rd Crystal Lake, CT 06029 - Crystal Lake

    The RT 30 Stafford "end" of W Shore Rd is much too narrow for the posted 20 mph speed limit. It used to be 15 mph.

    Majority of the road has no shoulder or sidewalks. There's no center lane marking from boat launch to Stafford's line.

    When vehicles are parked on the pavement, its almost impossible to

  • speed Archived
    Village Hill Rd stafford springs, CT - Stafford
    speeding on village hill rd, Stafford
  • 2-98 River Rd Stafford Springs, CT 06076, USA - Stafford Springs
    A crater that will shake the fillings out of your teeth when you drive over it in Route 32 about a 1/4 - 1/2 mile South of Stafford Springs town center. I've seen road crews attempting to fix it at twice now, and it hasn't gotten any better. Route 32 South of Stafford Springs is in generally horrible shape, but this tire & rim eater may be the worst I've seen.
  • 30 Chestnut Hill Rd stafford, CT - Stafford
    I have called for 5 yrs now to have this pot hole repaired thet throw loose fill in it and drive away ten mins later its hit by a truck and the hole is there again...ive seen several trailers loose the wheel off the camper from this hole over the years
  • Sandy Beach Road ELLINGTON, CT - Crystal Lake
  • West Shore Rd+ Crystal Ball Court Ellington, CT - Crystal Lake
    There are 2 street lights out coming over the peak in the road on West Shore going toward Crystal Ball court. One at the top of the peak+ the next one at the corner of crystal ball court. Dangerous as it is a bus stop for kids in the morning+ it is dark. Thanks
  • 122 Rocky Dundee Rd Stafford Springs, CT, 06076, USA - Stafford
    Road is never maintain isn't paved have reached channel 8 regarding sick of going to town so nothing
  • 6 Charter Ave Stafford Springs, CT, 06076, USA - Stafford Springs
    Cooper Lane in Stafford Springs is riddled with potholes, especially where it meets Route 140 just west of the speedway. Only a matter of time before someone pops a tire off the bead or bends a wheel here...
  • 10-16 Rocky Dundee Road Stafford, Connecticut - Stafford
    A Tree across from #12 was struck by other trees that fell in a storm a month or two ago. The roots of the tree were compromised because of pressure from the other trees. Once the trees were removed the tree settled back down. The Town marked it with pink ribbon for removal by CL AND P but the tree remains. Based on the root issue and the lean it is likely this tree will come down in a storm and take the power lines down with it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.