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  • 583 Ward St Exd Wallingford Center, CT 06492, USA - Wallingford Center
    Why won't this town do something about this? In an otherwise nice neighborhood, this property is a blight. Being on a corner lot, its more obvious. Do the people that live there have a once a week party? Go by on a Wednesday night and you'll see all the cars and people smoking outside. I live on Eaton and I can't park my car on my own street because of all the extra cars. The back yard looks like Fred Sanford lives there with the tent and garbage all around. Place probably has never been painted either. It looks like it's supposed to be yellow but it's more of a greenish dirty gray. With the property values in this town, why doesn't someone make these pigs clean up their property?
  • N Main & Center Wallingford, CT - Wallingford Center
    One solution to Wallingford's parking issues is to encourage people to drive less. One way to do that would be to provide bike racks so people can ride into downtown.
    If you would like to see this too please respond and tell us where you think the best place would be:
    A) Town Hall (45 South Main Street)
    B) Simpson Court (50 N Main St)
    C) The Train Station (37 Hall Ave)
    D) Your suggestion
  • Intersection So.Elm Street Ward St., Ward St. Extension, Wallingford Center, CT - Wallingford Center
    This is supposed to be a 4 way intersection with stop signs. There is a high volume of traffic where people don't stop for stop signs and little traffic monitoring by police. There are extremely high bushes growing on Ward St. side of Victorian House on corner with house facing So. Elm St. People can't see oncoming traffic. This is supposed to be a 4 way intersection, but streets aren't a direct crossover. Cars don't stop to look or follow rules of the road or/and aren't respectful of other drivers. Cars also speed through stop signs without completely stopping. Slight ways down the street on So. Elm Street is Doolittle Park and the YMCA. There are sometimes many children in that area and cars are speeding at a high rate of speed as if it were a highway.
  • High Street Wallingford Center, CT - Wallingford Center
    A group of teenagers hangs out and burns rubber in front of my house. They take up half the road too. They swear loudly.
  • Doolittle Park Playscape - Wallingford Center
    Fix the swings at Doolittle park- they have been chained together and unuseable for months- whats going on
  • 167 S Elm St Wallingford, CT 06492, USA - Wallingford Center
    Dangerous intersection - drivers do not understand what "4-way stop" means, they blow through the stop signs on Ward St. Ext. and S. Elm. These people are stupid, rude, and pose a threat to other drivers as well as pedestrians!!! Something needs to be done before someone gets hurt!
  • Center Street - Wallingford Center
    This is out of character for Wallingford, and really takes away from its small, friendly image. It wastes the officer's time, and gives the town a menacing atmosphere. For the record I have not received a ticket, nor do I know anyone who has, but I hate the big city, impersonal feel that this gives to the town
  • 7 S Elm St Wallingford Center, CT 06492, USA - Wallingford Center
    This is the worst right hand corner in the United States: Why can't the sidewalk and curbing be rounded off like a "normal" corner? It forces you to go "deep" into Elm St before cutting to the right.
  • Woodhouse Ave Wallingford Center, CT - Wallingford
    If a car is turning left at the end of the ramp, it is impossible to see the traffic from the right on Woodhouse Avenue. The road curves, there are train tracks, and, often, the grass is not cut very low between the ramp and the tracks. People bomb along that patch of road. I actually had a car follow me to my street because I turned onto Woodhouse, not having seen the car which came out of nowhere since it was going so fast. This is probably a state DOT issue so please pass it along! Thanks.
  • 307-311 Woodhouse Ave Wallingford Center, CT 06492, USA - Wallingford
    We need a stoplight at the foot of Exit 14 off ramp onto Woodhouse Ave. From the right, there are two roads merging, then crossing the tracks, It is about a 45-60 degree angle behind one's shoulder to see them coming.
    If a car wants to turn left and a car turning right comes along side, there is no way at all to see the traffic coming from the right. Once when I turned left at the exit, a car that was barrelling down Woodhouse has not been visible as I turned. The driver then tailgated me and followed me to my street. Pretty bad!
  • Long Hill Road At Ward Street Ext Wallingford Center, CT 06492, USA - Wallingford Center
    When approaching the stop sign on Long Hill and Ward Street Ext. from the country club, there's fence/land/brush on the right that prevents you from seeing vehicles coming up Ward Street Ext. You need to drive past the stop sign (into the intersection) to see down the hill. Many people that roll right through that stop sign so it's accident waiting to happen.
  • 106 Church Street - Wallingford Center
    Junk cars in driveway, over grown brush everywhere quite an eye sore. Tenant never shovels the walk way, saw a rat run from foundation of the home and run across S. Elm St..thank you