East Lake

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This is the East Lake Neighborhood, extended a little to include Rossville Boulevard. and including several neighborhood associations, the largest of which is the East Lake Neighborhood Association.

Notified About

  • 2900-2998 Tennessee 27 Chattanooga, TN 37407, USA - Chattanooga
    Potholes/road hazards
  • 6000 East Brainer Road Chattanooga, TN - East Lake
    Repeated flooding in the area from the Brainerd Road Bridge across South Chickamauga Creek to the bottom of the hill on Lee Highway and up East Brainerd Road including Chickamauga Road, Old Birdsmill Road and Bass Road. This area was flooded over the roads on September 24 and then suffered from water standing in the yards on December 8 due to heavy rains. In the past twenty five years, there have been five floods to cover the streets, some that were up to three or four feet high in houses in this area.
  • 1931 East 34th Street Chattanooga, Tennessee - East Lake
    A sinkhole has developed in my front yard. It keeps getting larger. I've had to put something large over the area to keep people from walking over it and falling in.
  • Rossville Blvd - Chattanooga
    Asphalt elevated. Creating dangerous situation. Damaging cars.
  • 2801-2899 8th Ave Chattanooga, TN 37407, USA - East Lake
    Potholes/road hazards
  • 3612 3698 12th Ave Chattanooga, TN - East Lake
  • 3612 3698 12th Ave Chattanooga, TN - East Lake
    This is dangerous. It is large enough to impale someone. Last night my daughter pulled up to the curb and 2 of her car tires were slashed by it. It's right in front of the New City Eastlake Church sidewalk, kind of hidden in the weeds. Neighbor woman said someone visiting them did the same thing. Tires damaged beyond repair.
  • 1409 Bailey Ave Chattanooga, TN 37404, USA - East Lake

    Alleyway between Bailey Ave and Chamberlain Ave.

    (Ord. No. 11345, §2, 11-12-02)
    Nuisance - the following shall be defined as nuisances:

    2. Any attractive nuisance, which may prove detrimental to children whether in a building, on the premises of a building, or upon an unoccupied lot. This includes ... any structurally unsound fences or structures; or any lumber, trash, fences, debris or vegetation which may prove a hazard for inquisitive minors.