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  • 296 N Lawrence St Philadelphia, PA 19106 - Old City
    4 nights a week between 3am and 6 am, tractor trailers are idling near the William Macmillan Chicken Company
  • 4th And Vine Streets Philadelphia, PA - Old City
    NW corner: SEE PHOTO:
    The street light (replaced 6 times in 18 months) was over to the right originally (in that lighter patch of cement) then they got smart and moved the light 5 feet west and placed that yellow pole in the ground where that lighter patch of cement is. That pole was "taken out" 2 weeks ago and someone planted it and moved the planter over where the light patch of cement is. Last night's truck, not only demolished the planter, but moved it about 4 feet, to where it is up against the, now damaged, street light. Bollards are needed on this entire corner. If trucks can't make the turn, they will be forced to find another route, or send smaller trucks.
  • street light Acknowledged
    4th And Vine Sts Philadelphia, PA 19140 - Old City
    The corner of N.W. 4th and Vine is without a street light. The previous light pole and the other 6 light poles before it, have been knocked down by tractor trailer trucks trying to turn onto Vine street and narrowly avoided damaging cars parked on that street.
    We need a new street light on this very dark corner and we need that light pole to be protected from being knocked down again.
  • 408 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA - Old City
    Trucks are blocking and idling in the middle of the street as early as 2:30 am next to a residential building Monday through Friday.
  • 3rd & Vine Street Philadelphia, PA - Old City
    Trash is being piled up on the side of the vacant Lite Bite building.
  • 4th And Wood Streets Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    There is a dangerous intersection where cross traffic (on 4th) does not stop. Those on Wood Street traveling East have the stop sign. Many people coming off the BFB are already lost or confused and this intersection either needs a "WARNING: CROSS TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP". I've seen these yellow signs in N.E. Philly.
  • 416 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA - Old City
    More damage being done to the 400 block of Vine Street by tractor trailers delivering to the William MacMillan Co located on 416 Vine Street. Damage to street, sewers, street lights, street signs, trees, odor, graffiti, noise pollution, Air condition noise and a general lack of quality of life. Truck noise can start anywhere from 2am to 5 am.
  • 332-362 N 4th St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    4th street needs resurfacing. Poorly filled pot holes combined with old trolly tracks is making for terrible conditions. I watch as a motorcycle (going below the speed limit) flipped over. Not good.
  • 421 Vine St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    Large sink hole in the roadway has Vine Street closed, but a ROADWAY truck plowed through the tape, over the boards and now the sign is missing. CARS are now driving on the sidewalk to pass through.
  • Garbage Truck Hours Acknowledged
    416 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA - Old City
    Garbage is being picked by Allied and Waste Management between midnight and 1:15 am. Strict ordinances are in place that forbid these garbage trucks from collecting between 9 pm and 9 am.
  • 319 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA - Old City

    Two street lights are out at 4th and Vine Streets. It is dark and unsafe at night.

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  • 5th And Vine Streets Philadelphia, PA - Old City
    for 2 weeks, the stop sign has been missing at the intersection of 5th and Vine Streets.
    5th street coming off the BF bridge has now become a speedway.