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  • George Washington Hwy N Chesapeake, VA 23323, USA - Deep Creek West-Dismal Swamp
    For the amount of people coming from North Carolina and Great Bridge, a 2 lane bridge is NOT enough! Some people know how to share the road, but they seem to be few and far between. There needs to be a stoplight put in and the bridge needs to be widened to 2 lanes for both directions. OR they need to build an additional bridge.
  • Royal Grant Drive chesapeake, virginia - Great Bridge
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 4807 Portsmouth Blvd Chesapeake, VA - Western Branch South
  • 751 Hunters Quay chesapeake, va - Greenbrier West
    The grass is over grown in the backyard of house for sale at 751 hunters quay and was housing snakes and mice in the summer and fall. Also the tree line behind the backwater of this row of townhouses is overgrown making it hard to open back gate to take out garbage and lawn mower.
  • Riverwalk Parkway Chesapeake, VA - Greenbrier West

    The following street lights are either out or dim along Riverwalk Parkway. I walk my dogs very early in the morning and would be grateful if these lights were fixed ASAP to increase safety in the area.

    N0511 NL41 out
    N0511 NH35 out
    N0511 SJ97 out
    N0511 TK77 out
    N0511 SJ82 cycles off and on
    N0511 SI15 cycles off and on
    N0511 OG67 out
    N0511 NH17 out
    N0511 MI91 out
    N0511 MK93 out

  • Overgrown Archived
    4300 Portsmouth Blvd Chesapeake, VA 23321, USA - Western Branch North
    Gabes parking lot islands have 3 foot tall weeds!
  • 1400 Chesapeake Ave. Chesapeake, VA - South Norfolk
    I have three streetlights out on the corner of Chesapeake ave. and Park Ave. (the one on the very corner of Chesapeake ave. and Park ave. has no number listed on the is a newer pole located at the corner, the numbers on the other two poles are LA22 and LA62) by the way the two new poles located in the very front of my home at 1400 Cheasapeake ave. are about 5 to 6 foot taller than the poles on the rest of the street, we are located in the Historic district and I was told by the Civic league that all streetlights should be the same height, should I report this to the City or what?
  • 3545 Bow Street Virginia Beach, Virginia - Chesapeake city
    Street light at the base of the driveway of 3545 Bow Street Flickers and goes out at night
  • 2968-2998 U.S. 460 Chesapeake, VA 23323, USA - Deep Creek North
    There are major pot holes at this location I have popped 3 tires in a week city has to do something
  • 4801-4853 Pughsville Rd Chesapeake, Virginia - Western Branch North
    There are many potholes along pughsville Road beginning at the Taylor Road intersection and and continuing West to the 664 South entrance. Please have this section of Road checks and potholes repaired
  • 804 Bryson Arch Chesapeake, VA - South Norfolk
    The Strret light is going on and off on Bryson Arch, across from the park. It needs to be replaced.
  • Plant damage Acknowledged
    3204 Jonquil Court Chesapeake VA 23321, United States of America - Western Branch North
    Customers at 3204 Jonquil ct and 3200 Jonquil ct both admitted to constantly hitting ped. Ped was upright upon arrival but found damage to feeder in ground. Has been spliced several times.