Capitol Hill Snow Helpers

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These people are volunteering to help you dig Capitol Hill out of this snowstorm!

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  • 650 Pennsylvania Ave Se Washington D.C., DC 20003, USA - Capitol Hill
    Every day dozens of people leave their cars in the right turn lane of Pennsylvania Ave to use the post office, blocking a lot of traffic. Often Post office vehicles and trucks also double park.
  • Parker Street Ne Washington, DC - Capitol Hill
    The Parker Street prostitution problem is back. Feces-covered condoms litter Parker Street behind Union Station. Where are the police? Do we have to handle this ourselves?
  • Maryland And D Streets Ne Washington, DC - Capitol Hill
    Reported from my mobile device
  • snow removal Archived
    634 Constitution Ave Ne Washington, DC - Capitol Hill
    Constitution Ave is emergency snow route and needs a heavy plow to push the snow back from the parking lane (westbound side) before the snow emergency is lifted at 5 PM THANKS!
  • Bicycles Archived
    750 1st St Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Capitol Hill
    Cars, delivery trucks, etc. don't respect this section of the bike lane on 1st St NE. There needs to be better enforcement of the bike lane such as police giving tickets. I bike along this stretch of 1st St everyday and it extremely dangerous for cyclists yet I've never seen a police presence here ticketing the many drivers who take regularly park and drive in his bike lane.
  • 1500 S Capitol Street Southeast - Capitol Hill
    Just before and after every game, drivers pull to the curb on So. Capitol Street to drop-off and/or most commonly pick-up passengers. This is terribly disruptive to the flow of traffic. Additionally, this practice is unsafe as it forces the traffic that is headed toward M Street to shift lanes in a congested block. Drop-offs and pick-ups should be moved to N St. or Potomac Ave. SE. We need personnel to man the area on So. Capitol where the offenses take place. Perhaps some of the staff used to keep nearby intersections safe and moving can be redistributed.
  • Snow/Ice Removal Acknowledged
    Union Station Washington D.C., DC - Capitol Hill
    I don't know who has responsibility for it, but why is the snow and ice never cleared from the sidewalks at Union Station? Every time it snows or sleets, the walkways/sidewalks from the front of Union Station all along and in front Columbus remain untreated. The walkways are dangerous and someone needs to be held responsible for cleaning/clearing them. It is ridiculous that a major transportation hub appears to have no plan for clearing.
  • Alley Repair Acknowledged
    624 A St Se Washington, DC 20003, USA - Capitol Hill
    I've had a puddle at my front door anytime it rains (I'm in the carriage house at 624 A St SE rear) since I bought the place a few years ago. I've called 311 and emailed Tommy Wells office several times and nothing ever gets done. Call me directly at 202-431-2515 if you have any questions. It doesn't have to be perfect but getting splashed by cars driving by as I exit my home is no fun and I pay too much in property taxes to tolerate much more of this. Thanks.
  • 50-98 K St Se Washington, DC 20003, USA - Capitol Hill
    City pickup truck with license plate 3837 has been sitting with the motor running for over 30 minutes in the same spot. The female driver is playing on her cell phone! Why are my tax dollars paying for this and polluting my neighborhood!
  • K Street Ne Washington D.C., DC - Capitol Hill
    I think the MPD should step up enforcement of double parking during rush hour. Pesons collecting their love ones--causes major traffic delays when they refuse to pull to the side. I have seen officers pass by--a ticket should be issued instead.
  • Bicycles Archived
    1101-1199 Congress St Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Capitol Hill
    Bike rack needed at this location. This is a urgent care medical office. No place to lock a bike
  • leona didson Archived
    309 Tennessee Avenue Ne washington, dc - Capitol Hill

    needs help clearing steps 202.547.0834