Donna Hoffman

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Vice Chairman - Health Department

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  • 842 N Quincy St Brockton, MA 02302, USA - Ward 6
    The N Quincy and Boundary St intersection needs a traffic signal. This has been a known issue for years:
  • 544 Bedford St Abington, MA - Abington
    Street was dug up last winter and it now dips.
    When big trucks go over it sounds like an explosion. Very loud and distruptive to townhouses and houses nearby.
  • 220 Park Ave Abington, MA, MA - Abington
    there is a medium puddle on the left side of the northbound travel lane.
  • Taylor Ave Brockton - Ward 2
    The red house 2 doors down from Tedeschi on Taylor Ave looks to have once been a hoarders house. The smell was disgusting while they were cleaning it out & I don't think the trash was disposed of properly or legally. At one point all the trash was thrown in the back yard behind the fence causing an awful smell. Now there is a roofing company there that will be doing the roof but yet no permits seem to be posted for this work. I think every & all work on this house is being done illegally & has been reported before. The board of health & code enforcement really need to go down & take a look. I posted this over a month ago & nothing looks to have been done! I truly feel bad for all the neighbors on that street.
  • 43 Niles St Abington, Massachusetts - Abington
    Condemned House - Nothing being done, been condemned for years. Brings house values down, breeds rat's, ticks, feral cats, mosquitos. With the pandemic heroin/opiate issues in the area it could attract addicts and general crime. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS PROPERTY!!!
  • Groveland Street Abington MA - Abington

    The pothole and manhole covers need to be fixed. The size of the potholes along Groveland Street are the size of a car tire and are particularly near the creek along this road.

    Please fix as I use this road to commute to work every day. Thank You!

  • 68 Thicket Street Abington, Massachusetts - Abington
    The manhole at the intersection with Coleman St is ways too deep below the street surface. Not an issue with cars, but getting into the hole with a scooter or bicycle is likely and almost dangerous - also it is hard to assess because it does not look like a hazard unless just a few feet away.
    Please repair or mark as a hazard for oncoming motorists.
    This has been an issue for many years now.
    Thank you.
  • North Quincy St And Brookville Ave - Ward 6
    At the corner of N Quincy St and Brookville Ave there is a telephone pole with a pile of wires sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. There is also a lot of pebbles. It’s a tripping hazard to pedestrians.
  • 29 47 Green St Abington, MA - Abington
    Power lines are down along this entire street.
  • 266-308 Brockton Avenue Abington, Massachusetts - Abington
    Right at the traffic light in front of Dunkin Donuts. it was patched once but is still deep - can't avoid it if traveling towards Brockton with DD on your right.
  • Speeding Archived
    81 Old Mansion Ln Whitman, Massachusetts - Abington
    First of all, thank you for the increased patrols in the Old Mansion Ln neighbordhood. We really appreciate your support. I was driving down Glen St recently and noticed a posted sign that said "Children at play Speed Advisory 20 MPH" Would this be an option for us in addition to Stop signs?
  • 1-69 Orange St Abington, MA 02351, USA - Abington
    This intersection can be extremely dangerous for cars on Orange Street attempting to go straight across Washington Street (to Centre Ave). The cars on the opposite side (coming from Centre Ave) don't seem to realize that the cars on Orange have a green light and consistently attempt to turn into the oncoming traffic. Perhaps more signage (or traffic arrows) would help drivers remember which cars have the right of way.