City of Hopewell

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  • 3415 Carolina Ave Richmond, VA - Hopewell city
    mattress located behind home
  • 5100 Blk Of Waverly St Richmond, VA - Hopewell city
  • pothole Open
    River Rd Hopewell, Virginia - Hopewell city
    Larre pothole on river road
  • Stewart Ave Richmond, Virginia - Hopewell city
  • Speeding Archived
    335 S.17th Ave Hopewell, va 23860 - Hopewell city
    Speeding on South 17th Ave,
    Hopewell....Too much speeding along this residential road, posted 25 mph, not being followed by people using it as a short cut.
  • Winston Churchill Drive & South 6th Ave Hopewell, VA - Hopewell city
    On the intersection of South 6th Ave & Winston Churchill Dr., it has a big, severe and deep potholes that required the immediate attention.
  • 100 East Randolph Road Hopewell, VA - Hopewell city

    The public parking owned by the city with adjacent to Hardee's Restaurant has one MASSIVE and DEEPEST pothole I ever had seen in a long time!

    It virtually blocks the access to Hardee's Drive-Thru by public parking lot!!

  • 414 Pin Oak Dr Hopewell, VA 23860, USA - Hopewell city
    Sink Holes in the road. hole 9 inches deep and getting bigger.
  • 4410forrest Hill Ave Richmond, VA - Hopewell city
    street light out located in front of 4410 forrset hill ave.
  • Glyndone Lane Between Harwood And Forect Hill Avenue Richmond, VA - Hopewell city
    All of the streetlights in this area are out. Citizen has reported and no one has responded
  • 608 Marks St Richmond, VA - Hopewell city
    said pole is leaning on fence at dinwiddie and marks
  • 2412 And 2414 3rd Ave Richmond, VA - Hopewell city
    trash bulk pickup