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  • West Spring St. Smyrna , GA - Smyrna
    Smyrna's Market Village is a very nice and busy area with alot of foot traffic, however the crosswalks are not properly marked nor are the one way streets causing people to go the wrong way. The attached photo is directly in front of City Hall. However, there are at least three others on West Spring Street that's aren't properly marked. They have city signs warning people about pedestrians, but not legal traffic signs like in the REAR PARKING LOT of City Hall. Police say it's a real problem and hard to enforce since there aren't legal street signs posted.
  • Church Road And Old Concord smyrna, GA - Smyrna
    Please complete the incomplete sidewalk from the bridge on church road to Ennisbrook. Also please complete the incomplete sidewalk on old concord between church road and concord road. You have to walk or bike into traffic just to get to concord road from church. This is dangerous and both dangerous incomplete sidewalks could be corrected with just a few feet of concrete to connect these sidewalks.
  • HUGE POT HOLE Archived
    South Cobb Dr Se Smyrna, GA - Smyrna
    THere is a big pot hole on south cobb dr near windy hill. Its in front of T & T uniform building. But its on the opposite side of the rd. It sooo bad. I mean its not just a small pothole, its so big that it takes up an entire lane.
  • 4511 South Cobb Drive Smyrna, Georgia - Smyrna
    left turn light not working from s Cobb to east west connector
  • Bank St Se / Parkwood St Se Smyrna, Georgia - Smyrna
    stop sign spray painted with graffiti
  • Pot Hole Archived
    1208 Grand View Drive Se Mableton, Georgia - Smyrna
    The city did a terrible job repairing the pot hole. It's only been 2 weeks and the pot hole is back! Plus, they didn't clean up and there are still thousands of pea size tar balls all over the road.
  • 4267 North Cooper Lake Rd smyrna, GA - Smyrna
    the county has dug up the road multiple times and will not repave, even had cement trucks out to fill holes and just laid steel slabs over them instead. hole is 3 slabs wide and shakes the house whenever a car runs over them.
  • 2890 Atlanta Rd Se Smyrna, GA 30080, USA - Smyrna
    Please make the light from Spring St longer. It gets very backed up trying to get onto Atlanta Rd. Thanks!
  • 1208 Grand View Dr Se Mableton, GA, 30126, USA - Smyrna
    Cobb County PLEASE return and repair this pot hole in front of my home. A crew attempted to fix but it was not fixed properly and has created a dangerous mess for cars and pedestrians.
  • Graffiti Archived
    2540-H Cumberland Blvd Se Smyrna, Georgia - Smyrna
    Heritage Pavilion Shopping Center on the side of the Dollar Tree Store
  • 3515 Mccauley Rd Se Smyrna, GA - Smyrna
    The blue water fountain at Tolleson Park at volley ball court is busted. The beeper person shut the water off. However, the pipe needs to get fix. I put yellow caution tape on it.