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I'm a WX resident and a realtor building a blog about why Woods Cross is a great place to live, work and raise a family. I'm going to link to this site from my blog, so that more people can know about it and see that they can make a positive difference in their city. Thanks!!

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  • bad potholes Archived
    1005 S 1100 W Woods Cross, UT 84087, USA - Woods Cross
    really bad potholes please use cold mix or something till they can be patchrf properly on redwood riad from 500 south to 1500 south there are msny.
  • Striping Archived
    Veterans' Memorial Highway Woods Cross, Utah - Woods Cross
    There is a major problem with lane lines on Southbound I-15 just south of the 2600 South exit in Woods Cross. There are two sets of lines: one for pre-construction lanes and one for during construction lanes. It is impossible to distinguish between the lines to determine when you are in the correct lane. This afternoon my 5 year old son and I were almost hit by a truck who was half in his lane and half in mine. I was next to the barricade so I had nowhere to go but just had to slow down. Luckily the truck went past and the truck behind hurriedly moved over into his correct lane. I have not driven on that stretch of road without seeing multiple cars in two lanes at one time because they don't know which lines correctly mark their lane. Frankly I'm surprised that there aren't multiple accidents on that stretch of road every day. This issue needs to be addressed and new lane lines painted as soon as possible before someone gets hurt or killed.
  • Other Archived
    2123–2149 S 1800 W Woods Cross 84087, United States - Woods Cross
    Could use another lane going NB.
    From 1100 N. to 500 S. Also turn lanes into businesses along here. Especially in front of diesel sellers truck shop.
  • 656 West 1500 South Woods Cross, Utah - Woods Cross
    The construction recently finished on i-15 in our area. The bridge over 1500 S was one of those redone (and it looks great), but the lights under the bridge don't work. I have traveled here morning and evening and it is not on at any times. Students walk to school under this bridge and it is very dangerous in the mornings with no lights for them.
  • 500 West Provo, Utah - Woods Cross
    As a cyclist I appreciate the work your department does to make the roads cycle friendly. I noticed earlier this week (9/21-25/2015) that 500 West was swept with a sweeper. Unfortunately all this did was move the debris from the car lanes to the edge of the asphalt where cyclists travel. This has forced us to ride farther out in the lanes of traffic. Could you please send your truck out again to finish cleaning the road. This is on both sides of the road from about 300 South to at least 500 North.
  • Camera Outage Archived
    656 W 1500 S Woods Cross, UT 84087, USA - Woods Cross
  • 1877 W 2425 S Woods Cross, UT, 84087, USA - Woods Cross
    Performance Automotive is developing the parcel at this location and the city of Wood Cross ask us to get a letter from UDOt since the property is adjacent to Redwood Road
  • 500 South And Interstate 15 Woods cross, Utah - West Bountiful
    Two things… The landscaping that was put in a few years back when 500 S. was redone is absolutely horrible. The weeds are out of control in the islands and along the sides of the street. It is like this year over year is extremely ugly and uninviting. Who is responsible to maintain these areas? UDOT, Woods Cross or West Bountiful?
    Also the traffic light heading east at I 15 is supershort and has been even before the area was redone. I am so tired of not making it through the light when all the other lights last 2 to 3 times longer in this intersection. Please please please add another 15 seconds to the traffic light heading east.
  • S 800 W & Interstate 15 Utah - Woods Cross
    The new LED flashing arrows for the sudden right turn at the bottom of the ramp are not working.
  • dead skunk Archived
    2355 S 1100 W Woods Cross, UT 84087, USA - Woods Cross
    there's a dead skunk on 1100 w, just north of the silver eagle refinery on the West side of the road.
  • weed control Archived
    2037 West 1890 South Woods Cross, Utah - Woods Cross
    I am think that you own the property to the south of me and west of the Odyssey Elementary school in Woods Cross. The weeds in that field are getting very tall and could be a hazard for a future fire issue. Can you direct me to the person in charge of your weed control on properties that you own? Liz Wolfgramm 801-520-9142. Thank you.
  • East Veterans Memorial Highway North Salt Lake, Utah - Woods Cross
    The traffic turn signal for eastbound traffic turning north onto I15 is only allowing enough time for 2 cars to turn. I spent about 20 minutes waiting to get onto southbound I15. The traffic was way backed up.