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  • 2-10 Lynnway Lynn, Massachusetts - Lynn
    When traveling east on the Lynnway and entring the Nahant traffic circle, there are 2 yield sign immediately followed by 3 traffic lights that are set permanently to green turn arrows, giving drivers the impression that they have the right of way entering the traffic circle, which is never, ever the case for a traffic circle. Traffic already in the traffic circle ALWAYS has the right of way. These lights should be flashing yellow, not green turn arrows, and anyone entering the traffic circle should be yielding to traffic already in the circle. This is a liability issue and accident waiting to happen.
  • 136 Nahant St Lynn, MA - Lynn
    Hi, I just listened to an interview with the founder of 'Neighbor for Neighbor' on NPR few minutes ago! I wish we had more people like you in city of Lynn - sorry I don't live in Boston. But I really need some shoveling help in my driveway. I'm unemployed with recent knee injury and live alone (no help). Can't afford to pay anyone, and my neighbors are "to each their own" so I'm SOL. If anyone has a truck with blade who wouldn't mind volunteering their time - it's much appreciated! I cant get to the food banks this week without access to my car..Many Thanks, Liane
  • Lynn Shore Drive /Prescott Road Lynn , Massachusetts - Lynn
    I have observed for over 3 months now. As I'm sitting in the long line of traffic. That when it rains - the flashing cross light located on Lynnshore Drive / Prescott Road malfunctions. The flashing yellow - turns to red every 2 to 3 minutes. When there is no one crossing. Clearly there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Thank you.
  • 325 Broad Street Lynn, MA 01901, USA - Lynn
    Traffic light from Union onto Broad changes immediately as pedestrian light changes from flashing to solid red hand. Cars exiting Union frequently drive at pedestrians already in crosswalk.
  • Wyoma Square Lynn, MA - Lynn
    I understand there was construction going on, but even before that Wyoma Square has been horrible to drive through for a very long time. The road is uneven with Mickey Mouse patch jobs all over. I have to drive through Wyoma Square four times a day. Twice to bring my daughter to & from school, then to work and back. It's put a beating on my car. I just dropped over $1,000 new springs & other car repairs and I really don't need anymore. Please pave the entire road on both sides!. It's gotten so bad that my water bottle flew out of it's cup holder one night.
    Also take a drive past Richdale's on Boston Street and down Holyoke Street. It's equally as bad with pot holes and big patches of missing cement. I have to swerve everyday and almost drive on the opposite side of the road just to get through the disaster.
  • 333 Lynnway Lynn, MA 01901, USA - Lynn
    Broken sidewalk on drive way coming out attn state Dcr attn mass dot please check safety concern
  • 91 Jenness St Lynn, MA - Lynn
    This road has become too treacherous to drive on. There are 4+ huge, 3'x3' very deep holes in front of 91-95-97 and 94-98 Jenness St. There is not enough space to avoid the holes they are just too near to each other. With the speed drivers are driving on this road these holes could be deadly.
    Please fix them!
    Thank you,
    Maria Varadi
  • 14 Essex St Lynn, MA, 01902, USA - Lynn
    3 Mudge street is an unoccupied house. Bushes often cover sidewalks, yard waste is piled up in one drive way in other drive there are two huge dumpsters that have been there for more than 6 months without any use other than collecting trash and blocking visibility and serve as a potential safety issue.
  • 99-101 South St Lynn, MA 01905, USA - Lynn
    huge pothole in front of a residence located on the sidewalk/entrance to the driveway of the apartment building
  • 900 Western Avenue Lynn, Massachusetts - Lynn
    Flashing Cross walk sign with a push button to make them flash would be a trememdous improvement. This crosswalk has drivers passing on the inside lanesand driving very fast. a set of flashing lights and children crossing sign would improve safety. There is a new drug dispensary going up, a bank , a diner, two MBTA bus stops and a school bus stop.. all in the same 50yd stretch so it is a very distracting area for drivers.
  • No permit Archived
    51 Key Drive B#36 Peabody, Massachusetts - Lynn
    Remove and replace roof without permit and no safety hard head and alot of dust to my apartment # 36KD9 at 51 keys drive peabody. Ma 01960
  • Lynn Shore Dr & Nahant St Lynn, MA, 01902, USA - Lynn
    The traffic light at Lynnshore Drive and Nahant St. is cycling through the WALK light on every cycle. Needs to be fixed so that WALK cycle only activates when button is pushed. 10/31/2019.