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  • 1701 Southeast Auburn-Black Diamond Road Auburn, Washington - Auburn

    The section of R Street SE/Auburn Black Diamond Rd, between 4th and the RR tracks, has the worst pavement and roughest shoulder in Auburn. This is a popular route for cyclists riding out the Auburn-Black Diamond Rd. It presents a clear danger to cyclists, forcing them to ride in the center of the road with cars or navigating the rough broken pavement and pot holes. Please re-surface this road as soon as possible!
    Thank you for your attention to this.

    Tom P., Auburn, WA
    Member, Cascade Bicycling Club

  • 5619 B Street Se Washington, DC - Auburn
    Disabled neighbor needs her steps and side walked shoveled. She lives alone and need assistance
  • 103 N. Auburn - Auburn
    Weeds are knee high in front and side of property. Also cr abgrass
    is overtaking sidewalk in tree box. Has not been cut all season.
  • pothole Archived
    Peasley Canyon Road South Auburn, Washington - Auburn
    east bound peasley 200' +- west of west valley hwy s
  • pothole Archived
    15th Street Southwest North Bound Exit From 167 Auburn, Washington - Auburn
    monument cover missing
  • White River Trail Auburn, Washington - Auburn
    2 platforms have planks missing. My friends child fell through one before we discovered it. He was not injured, but a park should be safe.
  • Transit Acrd Auburn, Washington - Auburn
    I suspect illegal drug use and dealing is happening at this location.