Mayor Sylvia Petillo

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The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the Borough. The Mayor is elected at-large for a four-year term. The Mayor is considered to be a member of the Borough Council, helps set the agenda for Council meetings and chairs all meetings of the Council. The Mayor can vote only in the event of a tie but has the power to veto any ordinance adopted by the Council.

Notified About

  • Lakeside Blvd Roxbury NJ - Hopatcong
    Potholes near traffic light @ Lake Hopatcong State Park..have been there for months
  • Brooklyn Mountain Rd Hopatcong, NJ 07843, USA - Hopatcong
    Brooklyn Mountain Road is a twisting road with a posted speed limit of 25 MPH. There are many children, bike riders and pets living along the street, but drivers persist in speeding way over the limit.
  • 447 Lakeside Blvd Hopatcong, NJ 07843, USA - Hopatcong
    The entire stretch of this road is a mess, needs to be re-paved not just pothole repair, shame on the town for allowing the road to be so bad
  • 18-26 Musconetcong Ave Hopatcong, NJ 07843, USA - Hopatcong
    Road has needed paving for years...
  • 5-11 Colby Trail Hopatcong, NJ 07843, USA - Hopatcong
    This road is nothing but patchwork over patchwork. The same potholes show up every few months. FIX the @#$% road. Tear it up and pave it. Waste tax money on sidewalks where no one walks but a narrow road with a bus stop is only more dangerous with so many holes to navigate around. Once the snow and plows come, forget it! I'm going to start submitting receipts for auto repairs if this road isn't fixed and I will petition my neighbors along Colby, Harvard and Bucknell to do the same. Do it right. PLEASE!
  • 42 Ithanell Rd Hopatcong, NJ - Hopatcong
    Road only repaved ONCE in 30 years. Pot holes all over, no side curbs causing water from road to run straight into basements of some neighbors, one neighbor needs wall repaired that snow plows ruined, others drive way apron ruined by plows. The list goes on and on and we're being taxed to death! The Mayor would rather spend $85,000 on a street light study rather than pave badly needed roads in area.
  • 25 Chamberlain Street Hopatcong, NJ 07843, USA - Hopatcong

    My father is disabled and on a fixed income, he can't afford much but can't get himself out of these storms either.


  • 201-275 Hudson Avenue NJ 07843, USA - Hopatcong
    The entire Hudson Avenue needs to be repaved..especially as you get closer to Crescent Cove. It's been over 3 years since they did any sewer work..the tore the roads apart and then patched them. It looks terrible. CLEAN IT UP! Where does the tax money go????
  • 323 Lakeside Blvd - Hopatcong
    Road needs to be re-surfaced between Hopatchung Rd to Hudson Maxim Drive. They put sewers in the town 5 yeards ago and they were supposed to resurface the whole road and they didnt.. I wonder if the road where the Mayor resides is in the same condition as Old Lakeside Blvd. Fix it! Enough is Enough!
  • 18-26 Musconetcong Ave Hopatcong, NJ 07843, USA - Hopatcong
    Ever since the wonderful sewer systems were installed over five years ago the road still is not paved all the way around the block....Just up to the ball field
  • Ithanell Rd Hopatcong, NJ - Hopatcong
    Another crater on Ithanell Rd. This one about 5" deep. Get the bathing suits on because we're going swimming! LOL! What's it going to take to get road repaved? Obviously some one getting killed by swerving away or running into holes like and and losing control of car. I can't wait to file a lawsuit! Evidence is building. Do something soon Mayor Petillo.
  • Dupont Ave Hopatcong, NJ - Hopatcong
    Dupot Ave is so bad! its used by many to bypass Maxim Drive and definitely shows its wear. The patch jobs done through the years have not helped much. Please pave this road!